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Epic Rap Battles: Jobs vs. Gates

Like the Bloods and the Crips, the rivalry between Mac and PC rages on, albeit with a little less bloodshed. But it’s cut-throat nonetheless as Epic Rap Battles of History pits the two champions of the computing world against each other. It’s the nerds versus the creatives but who is the real winner in this throwdown? Find out below.

[via SA Gamer]

Animal Kingdom Cautionary Tales Featured Video Clips

Attack of the Japanese Hornets!

With its large body and wingspan, the Japanese giant hornet is quite the fearsome creature. It is known to prey on bees, often dismembering heads and limbs in the heat of battle. It eats their honey too, because after all, to the victor belong the spoils.

It is claimed that a single Japanese giant hornet can kill 40 honey bees in a minute, so can you imagine what damage a nest of them could cause? The BBC did exactly that. In this clip, a band of 30 Japanese giant hornets unleash hell upon a colony of 30,000 diminutive European honey bees. The attack is timed to some epic orchestral music.

The original clip along with the relevant commentary can be seen after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Entertainment Featured Video Clips

Clash of the Titans: Jackson Versus Bean

When I think about titans clashing, I am imagining Mr T and Chuck Norris in a loving embrace. This most awesome stop-motion animation completely tops that. The king of pop is in a dance-off with the prince of physical comedy. Who will triumph? Find out after the jump.