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The Nandos Comedy Festival & Georgeous The Beatboxer

Our good friend and all-together awesome dude Martin sprung for the tickets, so last night Lucy Furr and I had the pleasure of attending the Nando’s Comedy Festival at the Baxter Theatre.

There was a fantastic lineup including international acts like Angelo “sperm-sack” Tsarouchas, the Russian Jew (and part-time stripper) Kira Soltonavich, the always-detained Ahmed Ahmed, SNL-featured comedian Dean Edwards, and UK comedian, Simon Clayton, who missed his ride on the blow job boat. The local talent on the night was the hilarious Loyiso Gola and the incomparable Kagiso Lediga (I shook his hand, they are very soft). Here’s a clip of the opening night of the comedy festival.

As great as the comedy was, I completely awed by a 19-year old white boy, who nonchalantly started the show by doing a rudimentary equipment check and then launched into the most fantastic beatbox. George Avakian (aka Georgeous the Beatboxer) is completely self-taught, and is a total party starter. Check out a small clip of George doing this thing.

For more clips and info, check out his Facebook profile and group, or visit his MySpace page.

The Nandos Comedy Festival is in Cape Town until October 4th, and at R120 a ticket, it’s well worth it. More info about the comedians and schedules can be found at the official website.

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Beatbox Supreme: Flutebox and Beardyman at Google

Monday is general malaise day for me. In between pretending to work and going out for lots of ciggies, it sometimes proves difficult to find anything interesting to post up on the blog. Thankfully someone else is on the ball, and PS3ZA member Dex, found this most awesome clip.

Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and Beardyman are two British men who take the art of beatboxing to a totally different level. This is a clip of their 18-minute performance at what seems to be the caferteria of the Google offices in London. Check it out.

Epic skillz neh?

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Daichi, The Beatbox Kid

Daichi is an impressive 18-year old beatboxer who might just be a serious contender to win an wild card entry into the Beatbox Battle comeption. As soon as he starts, you know his dude is something special. Check it out.

[via UniqueDaily]