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Feeling Gruff? Listen to This Beatboxing Goat

Feeling a little gruff today? This beatboxing goat would like to cheer you up.

[via ANDPOP]

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

Dubstep Beatboxing

While people like Skrillex uses all manner of computer jiggerypokery to make the familiar dubstep sounds, it seems others are able to do just that with just their mouths. A street performer in Milan, Italy provides an introduction to “bobwobwobwobwobwobwobwob” through the medium of beatboxing.

The artist in question is David Crowe, who once auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

[via The Daily What]

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

Beatbox Supreme: Flutebox and Beardyman at Google

Monday is general malaise day for me. In between pretending to work and going out for lots of ciggies, it sometimes proves difficult to find anything interesting to post up on the blog. Thankfully someone else is on the ball, and PS3ZA member Dex, found this most awesome clip.

Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and Beardyman are two British men who take the art of beatboxing to a totally different level. This is a clip of their 18-minute performance at what seems to be the caferteria of the Google offices in London. Check it out.

Epic skillz neh?