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Onelargeprawn Turns One!

My memory is fucking terrible.

I could have sworn today is our blog’s one year anniversary, but it turns out that it was yesterday. This time slip doesn’t surprise me, I have been guilty of forgetting quite a few things this year. Casting that discretion aside, I would like to wish the blog a happy belated birthday!

Unfortunately I don’t have any any presents to give you, our dear readers, except my heart-felt thanks for visiting (regularly or otherwise) and interacting with us. From the very first and brief post a year ago, I like to think my writing has gotten better – the nature of my office job has me summarizing content down into its most succinct form, and that habit has proved hard to break, but blogging is coming a little easier to me now.

Of course I am not the only one who brings you the content on the blog, and I’d like to thank the others misfit writers for their contributions:

  • The devil’s handmaiden and my most wonderful wife, Lucy Furr.
  • Good friend and generally off-kilter muso, Vicky Plum.
  • The mod-master from Pretoria, Ett.
  • Frequent commenter and bunny chow expert, Macross.

Right, the weather in Cape Town is fantastic, and I want to be outside, smoking at the very least. As abrupt endings go, this should be a good spot. Thanks once again for supporting Onelargeprawn!