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Boobies, Kittens, and the Cancan

Are you feeling down and in dire need of cheer? If your idea of a pick-me-up is watching a YouTube video that mashes together pictures of breasts in various states of undress with images of cute kittens and set to the tune of the French cancan, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is the aptly titled BOOBIES & KITTENS [NSFW].

[via @samanthaperry]

Cautionary Tales

Facebook Boob Fondler Busted!

The Sun reports that as useful as Facebook may be, it can also bit you on the ass and a dumbass philanderer Antonio M. felt the pain as his fiancee uncovered a photo of him nestled between the naked breasts of another woman! To make it worse, the fiancee named only as Valeria A found the incriminating photo on Antonio’s Facebook profile just a few days before the intended wedding. Justifiably upset, Valeria printed and stuck up hundreds of posters around the area of the city where Antonio and their friends work. Her message to him reads:

Thank goodness there’s Facebook! At least I’ve discovered you’re a traitor pig before the wedding! Signed, your former betrothed bride and the 548 guests of our wedding.

I’m sure Antonio had a perfectly valid reason for that shit-eating grin but the boobies are a tad difficult to explain –  those mammaries could have belonged to his sister and he was inspecting them for lumps; perhaps it could have been a badly exposed self-portrait; an art class project maybe. If you have any plausible excuses, drop us a comment and let us know.