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Video Games as Vintage Book Covers

Illustrator A.J. Hateley from the United Kingdom has embarked on a fantastic voyage. In the Thirty Days of Videogames, she aims to create vintage book covers based on popular video games. The covers are complete with relevant publisher information, wonderful artwork, and apt titles. The series is currently in day 16, and Hateley has created many a cover including one for a scientific study into the lives of vicious headcrabs, one for a safety guide on dealing with unhinged operating systems, and another for a harrowing adventure in the land of giants.

Have a look at The Secret Life of Headcrabs, The Wonderful End of the World, The Forbidden Land, and otherĀ  wonderful video game book covers after the jump.

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Retro Revival: 1960’s Movie Novelizations

As part of his I Can Read Movies project, Mitch Ansara creates some really cool retro movie adaptation book covers.

More covers after the jump.