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Birthday Girls & Boys – 13th January

orlando bloom

Hiya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls, boys & others. Have a grand day and I hope you don’t have to spend time with a bunch of feck arses like I do.

Also born on the 13th of January are:

  • 1777 – Elisa Bonaparte, younger sister of Napoleon I of France. Apparently she had a sharp tongue and used to tell Napoleon off quite a bit which caused their relationship to be strained at times, nevertheless he made her the Grand Duchess of Tuscany when he annexed it in 1807.
  • 1884 – Sophie Tucker, Russian-born performer who played piano and sang burlesque and vaudeville tunes, at first in blackface (i.e. like a “black sambo”). She said that theatre managers insisted on this blacked up disguise because she was “too fat and ugly” for audiences to endure otherwise. Her sense of humour was legendary, and she sang songs that acknowledged her heft, such as “Nobody Loves a Fat Girl, But Oh How a Fat Girl Can Love”. Her comedic style has influenced some of Hollywood’s funniest women including Mae West, Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, and Bette Midler.
  • 1898 – Kai Munk, Danish playwright, Lutheran pastor, and WWII martyr. Munk criticised Hitler and Mussolini’s persecution of Jews during WWII in a Danish newspaper, he was subsequently arrested and assassinated by the Gestapo.
  • 1927 – Sydney Brenner, South African born molecular biologist, huge fan of the soil round worm, and 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine co-laureate.
  • 1935 – Mauro Forghieri, Italian automotive and mechanical engineer who designed the Ferrari 312 series. While he was Technical Director of Ferrari’s racing department, Ferrari won the driver’s F1 world championship title four times, with John Surtees (1964), Niki Lauda (1975 and 1977), and Jody Scheckter (1979). Ferrari also won the builder’s F1 world championship title eight times.
  • 1949 – Rakesh Sharma, Squadron Leader in the Indian Air Force, first Indian and 138th man to visit space.
  • 1961 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress, and daughter of a writer and a billionaire business executive. Julia started out her TV career by performing on Saturday Night Live from 1982 to 1985. She then went on to make a lot of money acting as Elaine on Seinfeld from 1990 to 1998. According to Jerry Seinfeld “She cracks you up without breaking your nuts” – apparently she can do the same thing to a peanut M&M.
  • 1977 – Orlando Bloom, English actor, Buddhist, tree hugger, dog rescuer, underwear model dater, Obama supporter. He is most well known for his roles as immortal elf-prince Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and blacksmith Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. He was equally limp-wristed Troy and Elizabethtown, and only slightly better in Kingdom of Heaven. His is cute though.

Thanks for the info Wikipedia.

Let me know if you’d like me to add a friend, family member or little ol’ you to our daily birthday lists of (famous) people. Mail me names, years of birth, and what makes you or them famous.

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Bedroom Quirks of 10 Great Authors

Back in the day, authors didn’t have distractions like the Internet, TV, and shopping malls. This left them with a great amount of time to write books hone their bedroom quirkiness. Here are a couple of great authors and their intimate quirks.

Lord Byron – The Nympho is in the House

Lord Byron (1788 – 1824) was more of a pimp daddy than Snoop Doggy Dogg. He kept lists of his lovers and apparently slept with more than 250 women in one year! STDs were obviously of no concern to to Mr “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” Byron slept with the ladies, their cousins, and supposedly his own half sister. As trophies, he used to snip a bit of hair (pubic, not scalp – duh!) from each of his conquests.

James Joyce – Farts and Spanking Gets the job Done

Despite having a long and somewhat embarrassing name, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882 – 1941), wrote the landmark novel Ulysses (1922) and some extremely lewd letters to his lover, Nora Barnacle, expanding on the two things he specifically loved – being spanked, and women’s farts. In one letter to her, he sang the praises of her “arse full of farts.”

Oscar Wilde – Young Boys Inquire Within

As odd as his full name, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854 – 1900) swung both ways. Although this deviant was married to Constance Lloyd, with whom he had two children, Oscar had countless affairs with both sexes – and he preferred boys in the mid-to-late teens. How discerning, boning grown men was obviously not the right cup of tea. According to his old lover Lord Alfred Douglas, “He was hand in glove with all the little boys on the Boulevard. He never attempted to conceal it.”

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