Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

The City of Samba in Tilt-Shift

Brazil isn’t exactly the safest place in the world. According to statistics in 2010 it’s firlmy in the top 20 countries by intentional homicide rate. It has a rate of 25 (that is 25 homicides per 100,000 people). Our fair country of South Africa ranks slightly higher with a rate 32 but who’s counting right?

In any case, with the bad there’s always some good. In 2011, musician/film director Jarbas Agnelli and Australian photographer Keith Loutit (of Bathtub IV fame) were in Rio de Janeiro for the fabulous Carnaval party and captured the sights during the days and the nights. They combine the art of tilt-shift and time-lapse to create The City of Samba. Check out the very festive video below.

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Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Views of an Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Survival International is an organization that campaigns for the land- and human rights of tribal peoples around the world. They attempt to bring attention to the activities that put these vulnerable people in danger. In this clip narrated by Gillian Anderson, BBC cameras were allowed on-board a Brazilian government plane to capture footage of one of the last few uncontacted tribes of people in the world. By “uncontacted”, they don’t mean the tribe hasn’t come into contact with other people. While they meet an trade with their neighbours, they just haven’t seen ones with magical iPads, Android phones, and clothes made from spandex. The tribe in question lives in a reserve set up especially to protect them from greedy loggers and miners. I can imagine there are other tribes who aren’t as fortunate.

Survival International rely on support from the public for their operations. See more about their initiatives at

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Arty Awesomeness Movies

Pedro Vidotto’s Minimal Movie Posters

Don’t know if you know but I quite minimalist posters. They seem to be all the rage these days, and in steps Brazilian art director/designer Pedro Vidotto who boils down his favourite films to the bare essentials and creates a set of simple, fun promotional posters for them.

Have a look at Vidotto’s set of minimalist movie posters after the jump.

Arty Gaming News Weirdness

Zombie Street Fighters

According to Uncyclopedia, zombies are defined thus:

Zombies are an improved form of human that are often found engaging in mindless consumerism, discussions about American Idol, neoconservatism and the consumption of brains or raping and mutilating other motherfucking human beings.

The zombies created by concept artist from Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura (or Manuhell for brevity’s sake) go a step further – they know Kung Fu and other crazy martial arts. The 27-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil has taken some characters from a popular fighting game and given them a zombie makeover.

See Manuhell’s collection of Zombie Street Fighters after the jump.

Arty Sports Video Clips

Rio 2016: Live Your Passion

Whilst Obama and his adopted hometown Chicago are liking their wounds from the IOC brush-off, Rio de Janeiro celebrates their successful campaign to host the XXXI Summer Olympics in 2016. The resounding win also makes Brazil the first South American country to host the Olympic Games.

This promotional video shows the amazing landscape and vibrant culture that Rio has to offer to its visitors.

Incidentally, Rio topped Forbes list of the world’s happiest cities. And in case you’re worried about the crime (or public safety challenges as it is called), be assured that SWAT teams are invading the favelas as we speak ;-)

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