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Boobies, Kittens, and the Cancan

Are you feeling down and in dire need of cheer? If your idea of a pick-me-up is watching a YouTube video that mashes together pictures of breasts in various states of undress with images of cute kittens and set to the tune of the French cancan, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is the aptly titled BOOBIES & KITTENS [NSFW].

[via @samanthaperry]

Cautionary Tales

Keeping it Real Fake

A sculpture of breasts by Chinese artist Shu Yong designed to increase people’s appreciation for natural curves in a country where plastic surgery is booming. Shu’s work is now being showcased to a rural audience.

I think this may have missed its mark. Upon viewing these oversize mammaries, rural men are going to insist their wives get work done to look more natural.

Image from The First Post – via Buzzfeed.