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Springsteen. Fallon. Whip Your Hair.

I’m getting old man. The other day when visiting family out in Kommetjie, I noticed my cousin dancing about like a child and mumbling something about whipping her hair back and forth. I questioned her with the standard “Excuse me, WTF are you doing?” and she was like, “Lol, it’s Willow Smith silly”. Silly me indeed, I hadn’t noticed that Will Smith’s 10-year old daughter had made a single. I listened to it and thought nothing of it, until now.

On a notable episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in November, the host donned the guise of Neil Young and together with legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen did a haunting rendition of Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair”. Check it out.

Which version do you prefer? Let us know.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Birthday Girls & Boys – 11th January

Happy Birthday Heskey
Happy Birthday Heskey

Good Morning and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all wonderful Readers born on the 11th January.

Also born on the 11th of January are:
1503 – Parmigianino, Italian artist
1757 – Samuel Bentham, English mechanical engineer and designer of the first arched iron-built bridge over the Thames. He also designer many novel items such as an amphibious vessels for Russia’s infamous Tsarina Catherine the Great.
1895 – Laurens Hammond, American inventor of the Hammond organ
1901 – Kwon Ki-ok, was the first Korean female aviator, as well as being the first female pilot in China.
1903 – Alan Paton, South African liberal political activist and author of the acclaimed novel Cry the Beloved Country.
1921 – Gory Guerrero, professional wrestler and father of the more famous and now deceased Eddie.
1942 – Clarence Clemons, American musician best known as the saxophonist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.
1971 – Mary J. Blige, American singer
1972 – Amanda Peet, American actress
1978 – Emile Heskey, English footballer
1981 – Jamelia, English singer

Thanks for the info Wikipedia.

Let me know if you’d like me to add a friend, family member or little ol’ you to our daily birthday lists of (famous) people. Mail me names, years of birth, and what makes you or them famous.