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Samurai Cat

Look, we get it. Sometimes, a cat is so damn cute that you have to steal it and defend it with all the honour and swordsman skills you can muster. We totally understand the compulsion, so we’re glad that there’s a movie that shares the inner conflict we feel.

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A Gathering of Cats

Directed by Makoto Shinkai for Ani*Kuri15, A Gathering of Cats is a one-minute short about the family cat Chobi whose tail has been stepped on one too many times. Chobi gathers the neighbourhood cats and they plan the ultimate cat-tastrophe.

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BioShock Infinite Characters as Cats

BioShock Infinite was fabulous. After much discussion about complicated string theory and the game’s ending (spoilers, obviously), an important question went unanswered…until now: what would the characters look like if they were cats?

Reddit user darijakarta drew darling feline versions of the Lutece twins, Elizabeth, and our hero Booker DeWhiskers. See them after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Awesomeness Entertainment Video Clips

Kittens on the Beat

Roto and Bowie love their socks. When a bunch of ninja thieves launch a sophisticated raid into the sock drawer, the kittens spring to action. Check out Kittens on the Beat.

The video was created by Niko and Sam at Corridor Digital and the tune “Wildstyle” by Aleksander Vinter is available for free download on SoundCloud.

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The Cat With Hands

Fluffy might have a sickly sweet look on its face, but know that cats has been plotting the downfall of humanity for hundreds of years. They are devious enough but can you imagine what they would get up to if they had hands? It’d be stuff of nightmares.

British filmmaker Robert Morgan explored the scary idea back in 2001. A mixture of live-action and stop-motion animation, The Cat With Hands opens up with an old man recounting the old folk tale of a fingered feline. See what transpires below.

Bad pussy!

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Kitty Goes Crazy to the Sounds of “Smack My Bitch Up”

You’ll remember The Prodigy’s single Smack My Bitch Up caused some controversy. First was the change in the CD cover, which initially showed a VW Beetle wrapped around a tree. However, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in a car accident earlier that year hastened a change to the artwork that we recognize today. And there was the music video that was widely criticised for its violent tendencies and banned on some television networks.

The band played it down, saying that the song was all about “doing anything intensely”. Which brings us to this rather appropriate parody. While cats may look innocent in our company, we all know that they can be downright evil the moment our backs are turned. In this mashup by YouTube user TheCube95, a cat is outfitted with a GoPro camera and is left to roam its surroundings. It’s not long before a pedestrian is robbed, a cyclist is attacked, and a bouncer is punched in the balls. And that’s just the start of the evening! Watch as kitty goes cray cray to the sounds of “Smack My Bitch Up”.

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Arty Movies

Meme Movie Posters

Memes are all the rage these days. London-based designer Stefan van Zoggel asks the question: if short-lived internet memes and virals were treated as classic full length films, what would their promotional posters look like? Luckily, van Zoggel took it upon himself to answer his own question. Have a look at some of his minimalist movie posters for memorable memes like Nyan Cat, Double Rainbow, Bed Intruder, the Russian rickroll, and two girls who only have one cup.

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Welcome to Kitty City

From the creator of Meow Mix and the mutating Walks of Life comes yet another bizarre animation. Cyriak welcomes you to Kitty City.

For more weirdness, hit up Cyriak’s YouTube page.

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How to Stop Cats Pissing on Everything

Craig Turner from Perth, Australia is not only a video producer but also a resourceful chap. When a set of nine neighbourhood cats would continually roam into his property and piss all over the place, Turner used his considerable “DIY” skills to create a humane solution to the problem.

By cannibalising his car, a home alarm sensor, and other bits and bobs, Turner produced a deterrent which he dubbed the “Really super awesome cat get awayer thing”. Have a look at the crafty device in action against cats called Ear Off, Blackie Bung Eye, Fatty Fatty Two by Four, Stoopid Cat, and Blackie McLaser Eyes.

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Amazing Cat and Dog Ads

The internet is a magical place, in fact it is the best source of weird and wonderful content. From the strange to the cute, almost anything can be found. More importantly I have had more time to troll my Twitter account, and I found some awesome stuff. @Pfangirl retweeted an amazing video originally posted by @Yolandi_JvR about a Pedigree ad, which involves cute dogs catching some treats at 1,000 frames per second.

After I showed it to prawn1, he sent me a link with a similar and on-topic video of a Friskies ad. This contained the first (and possibly only) video that was filmed by cats. Different cats across the USA were equipped with HD cameras and left to roam the world as they usually do, for us to see the world from a cat’s perspective.

So who do you think is the next generation of movie stars in the furry industry?