Animal Kingdom Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

Amber the Amazing Downhill Dog

In dogs meets base jumper, Mario Richard goes for a short flight and his dog, Cajun, faithfully watches and follows him down the mountain to meet him at the landing point. It’s an endearing, albeit chaotic doggie cam video. See it on Vimeo if you missed it.

In the same vein, whenever mountain biker James R takes to the track, his trusty dog Amber is hot on his heels. Amber is a Vizsla, a Hungarian gun dog that is known for its natural hunting abilities. James attached a GoPro to his bike and filmed Amber as she zipped through the forest, taking the most efficient route to keep up her “prey”. Take a look at their chase video below.

[via Reddit]

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

From the creative minds who brought you Address is Approximate comes the world’s smallest police chase. The folks over at UK-based production company The Theory use an iPhone and pocket video projectors to create a thrilling high-octane chase scene that takes place around their office.

Check out Speed Of Light, the world’s smallest action police chase.

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Cautionary Tales Movies

Bob the Hamster is in Love

This endearing animated short film by Jacob Frey tells the story of Bob, a hamster who finds love but must chase it around the world. He pursues his goal with ardour of a stalker, will he catch up to it? Find out below, and be sure to watch until after the credits ;)

BOB was created in 2009 and took six months to make. In the next couple of months, it travels to many film festivals. For more info, visit

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Arty Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics Video Clips

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands spent a period of five months reportedly eating a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches. They also made an animated short film in that time. Filmed in the cartoon-like art style of Team Fortress 2, the story revolves around string bean who is on the run from a very bad man. The heart-pounding chase is made trippy through the injection of drugs. Check out Mac ‘n’ Cheese below.

[via The Given Collective]

Arty Video Clips

Nike Chase: Purple Hi-Tops vs. Rampaging Robots

This slick animated short was made by London Studio I Love Dust was for Nike Japan’s “Sister One” launch in the Southeast Asian market. Inspired by popular elements in anime (neon lights, upskirts, Godzilla-sized monsters, etc.), the video tells the story of a dancing-girl-turned-superhero trying to save a metropolis from rampaging robots.

What you see below is the director’s cut of Nike Chase. Enjoy.

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