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What the Cluck? Wang Rong – “Chick Chick”

Forget the horse play in Gangnam Style. Chinese pop singer Wang Rong goes full chicken in the music video to her new single. It has to be seen to be believed. Check out Chick Chick below.

[thanks, Ryan]

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Sounds Fishy: The Misheard Lyrics of O Fortuna

O Fortuna is one of the most popular bits of classical music. Composed in the mid 30s, the performance opens in bombastic style and descends into a whisper as the choir takes over two minutes to complain about how fate sucks.

For those not versed in Latin, the words of O Fortuna could sound like English words sung rather oddly. And with references to tuna, chicken, Troll Face, Me Gusta, and other popular memes this animated version by YouTube user FamishedMammal plays on that fact.

LOL at the Misheard Lyrics version of O Fortuna below.

Listen to the tune and its proper lyrics (with English subtitles) after the jump.

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We Review: DeathSpank

A note from prawn1: Gamers are a wonderful bunch aren’t they? The other day I posted on a local PS3 forum that my puppies had nommed on my controller and showed everyone the gruesome images. A Durban gamer under the nick of Cloud_Ratha offered to post some replacement parts to me. I was touched by the fact that a person who I had never met before would do this for me, and to so say thanks, I shared Hothead Games’ latest action-RPG title with him. And as a token of his appreciation for the token of my appreciation he sent us a  fantastic review of  DeathSpank, which we have just published for your reading pleasure.

Join Cloud_Ratha as he explores the tale of the purple thong after the jump.