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Can You Draw The Internet?

It’s very difficult to imagine our lives without the Internet. We’ve so heavily relied on it for all sorts of personal and business transactions. With around 1.8 billion people on the Internet it’s becoming more and more difficult nowadays to distinguish between our online and offline worlds. Researchers say that between 5% and 10% of surfers suffer some sort of dependency on the Web (see Internet Addiction Disorder).

We surf the Web every day and people have been trying to visualize what the Internet looks like for years now. Ad agency Saint approached this in an interesting manner – they set up an online drawing contest and pitted a group of school children against professionals who work in the creative industry. These aren’t ordinary children though, according to Saint, they eat, breathe, and live the Internet.

Children today are growing up in a world of technology and communications. They have never experienced a world without the internet, with every part of their day consumed by mobile phones, websites, computer games, apps, Xbox, you name it.

The website Can You Draw The Internet? hosts the drawings from both parties and you can now vote for your favourite visualizations of the Internet. Have a look at some of the submissions after the jump.

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