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Cute “Darth Vader and Son” Illustrations

Imagine what might have happened if Darth Vader hadn’t met the ignominious end that he did in the Star Wars films. Had the Sith lord not turned to the dark side, Luke Skywalker would still have the use of his right hand and more importantly, wouldn’t have lost a father.

Illustrated by comic book artist Jeffrey Brown, Star Wars: Darth Vader and Son is a series of one-panel cartoons that take a look at the lives that the Skywalkers would have led if Darth Vader played an active role in the growth of his son. Watch Luke as he plays backseat driver, hates on his sister, and gets into a fight with Greedo (who pushed first?). Have a look at some of the adorable illustrations from the children’s book after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured

The Sexy Side of Fairy Tales

You may recall our post on Jeffrey Thomas’ Twisted Princess, a series where he takes some of Disney’s beloved princesses and gives them with a makeover from hell. If you thought that contained a little too much macabre and not enough titillation, then this might do the trick.

Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell (entirely different from Scott Campbell) has taken some classic female characters from your favourite fairy tales and dressed them down in ways you’ve never seen before. It’s sexy, skimpy, and will certainly appeal to the hornier members of society, of which I’m a card-carrying member. The images were drawn by Campbell and coloured by Bakanekonei. Have a look at some of them after the jump – possibly NSFW.