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Fine Art Brought to Life in These Hilarious Animations

If you were horrified to see Miley Cyrus twerking on some fine art, perhaps you might have a different reaction to these hilarious Pythonesque animations created for an Australian comedy sketch show, The Elegant Gentleman’s guide to Knife Fighting.

Animators Doug Bayne, Ben Baker, and Trudy Cooper gathered together a set of famous painting and then brought the characters to life. The odd couple in Grant Wood’s American Gothic have an uncomfortable conversation about poor sexual performance, while the duel between Onegin and Lenksy takes a comical turn. We’re given a whole new take on “cross training” and there’s a wonderful medley of raspberries.

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Atari Arcade Brings New Life to Old Classics

I can just feel the joy of Atari fans going apoplectic. A pioneer in arcades games, Atari has recently revamped its website and added a new section with with a handful of their classic games for you to play (for free) in your web browser. And yes, they have included the beloved Asteroids and Lunar Lander. Along with each faithful recreation, a online leaderboard allows you to submit your scores.

The fun begins at Atari Arcade.

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Bonus: Another old favourite, Quake is also playable in your web browser.