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Play This: Flappy48

Daniel J. Moran, what have you done?!?! The unthinkable as it so happens. The student of Computer Science at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada has combined two of the most infuriating and addictive games of 2014 — Flappy Bird and 2048 — to create the “ultimate flapping/exponential growth crossover you haven’t been waiting for”. So do not delay a moment longer, play Flappy48 at and experience a whole new level of rage.


[via SA Gamer]

Flash Games

HATETRIS: A Mean Game of Tetris

HATETRIS is a Tetris clone created by a sadistic programmer named Sam Hughes. In HATETRIS, the AI is programmed to spawn the piece that is least likely to help you, so you’ll get a lot of S pieces. You’ll need to trick the AI into thinking you’ve messed up and use the resulting piece to complete a line. It’s a little easier said than done though. Also, there is no gravity in the game, but as the author says, it’s the least of your worries.

Play HATETRIS here. Hughes has top-scored with 5 lines. Let us know how you fared.

[via Boing Boing]