Coolness: Customizable LEGO Caps

Don’t you hate having to wear the same cap day in and day out? Well, there’s a solution for you fickle folks: LEGO caps. It has space for you to put your own LEGO bricks on (or the LEGO bricks of your 8-year old child) and completely customize the way the cap looks. Heading to the aquarium for a day? Put some fish on. Going to a gig? How about minifigs of the band members? Check out some of the pics below.

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The Nike Sportswear x Kronk Collection

For the couple of weeks that the FIFA Soccer World Cup will be running, South Africa is going to be the centre of the world. With the tournament a mere 34 days away, sportswear giant Nike has teamed up with awesome designer/illustrator Kronk (Cape Town FTW!) to create a range of clothing that represents Mzansi and our love for the beautiful game.

Nike released a 30-second spot showing Mzansi “bleed its colours” with the greens, blacks, and yellows of the national flag seeping through the city. Kronk plays a little cameo in the clip, check it out.

Kronk is one of six international artists who collaborated with Nike Sportswear to create an alternative national team kit. He was asked to make a crest, mascot, print, and typeface in his unique style. His designs were revealed at a media launch that happened earlier this week. For more info and images on that, hit the jump.

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Happy Monday 7: The Death Head T-shirt Winners!

A thousand apologies for the lateness, I had to see a man about a dog. The man was late, but the dog did look enticing ;-)

Back on topic though, our most awesome Death Head t-shirt competition has come to an end, and we’re hoping to make Monday a little happier for two lucky people. To stand a chance of winning a t-shirt, we asked you to name the three bad guys that make up the Death Head design. A quick look on the a store blog would have revealed the answer to be General Grievous, Robocop, and Darth Vader (it’s his head with the helmet off).

The Randomizer has done its thing and spat out the winners. Could you be one of them? Find out after the jump.

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AWESOME Portal Baby Gear

One day when I’m a much older man, and I have kids, they’re going to look awesome. I’m going to pimp them out with geeky shirts from thinkgeek and skinny jeans. Before then though, I think I need to get them some of this goodness:

There’s actually a host of awesome clothing, including baby gear, over at Cafe Press. Have a look!

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