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Ferrari California T Gets Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Job

It’s hard to miss the eye-catching art of Fabian Oefner. In his State of the Art project, Ferrari’s new 2-door grand tourer the California T is the subject of Oefner’s attention. It’s also the canvas.

Oefner placed the California T in a wind tunnel and sprayed UV light–reactive paint over the car. Travelling at over 150 miles per hour, the paint glowed and streaked across the California T’s svelte body. Have a look at the colourful results after the jump.

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The Black Hole Project

Simply put, black holes suck. Thankfully, Fabian Oefner’s Black Hole project is attractive and far from sucky.

Inspired by the drippy paint style of Jackson Pollock, the Swiss photographer and artist decided to investigate the effect of centrifugal force on paint. He dripped coloured shades of acrylic paint onto a metal rod that was connected to a drill. When the drill was switched on, the paint whirled away from the rod, and Oefner’s camera flashed at 1/40000 of a second, capturing the images of the paint in motion. Have a look at some of his rather colour Black Hole images after the jump.

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“Festival of Colors” Brightens up Your Day

Known popularly as the Festival of Colours, Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus. Disregarding any respiratory problems that may occur, people observe the holiday by throwing coloured powder at each other.

Devin Graham was at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah to see how the western hemisphere celebrates the occasion. He captured a sea of vibrant colours and much merrymaking. Have a look at his video, Festival of Colors below.


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His and Hers Colours

As witnessed from the results of a hue test, I’m pretty awful with colours. It’s in serious fail territory if I have to go about naming them. And I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Scientist Stephen Von Worley took the 5+ million results from a colour survey conducted by XKCD and created an interactive infographic that shows the differences between men and women when it comes to colours. Von Worley plots the 2,000 most commonly-used colour names as a series of dots on a graph. The size of the colour dot indicates how common the colour is and the horizontal axis divides the gender – women tend to use colour names towards the top part, men uses one the bottom part, and dividing line represents the 50-50 split between the sexes.

It’s interesting to see the different colour preferences. While men seem to use some lolworthy descriptions like goblin green, vomit yellow, shit, and really dark blue, women tend to prefer colours like chartruese, antique rose, dark cornflower, and islamic green.

See the interactive version of the infographic on Data Pointed. Mouse over the dots for more information and read Von Worley’s writeup.

[via iamFinch on Twitter]

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Watch the Paint Dance!

We quite like the beautiful shots that people are able to take using macro and high-speed photography. You might remember our post on Miroslaw Swietek’s dew-covered insects and fotoopa’s high speed water figures.

Like the photo grandpa, a biochemist-turned-photographer by the name of Linden Gledhill also dabbles in high-speed photography and makes paint dance to her tune. She uses water-based paint and photographs them as they respond to sound emanating from a set of speakers. The resulting sculptures are quite crazy-cool. Check out her work after the jump.

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Flash Game Friday: Neon Maze

A little late, but there’s still a good few hours of work to be wasted today and this little gem may just keep you occupied til you knock off.

In a similar theme to the Hue Test I posted earlier, Neon Maze is a colour-based puzzle/strategy game where you need to guide your ship through a glowing labyrinth to the exit. The coloured walls aren’t just for show – you’ll need to change your ship’s colour to that of the wall to pass through it, for example, touch a red gear to colour your ship red, and move through red walls. Touching a wall that is a different colour that your ship will result in a shock and a reduction in the points you’ll get at the end of the level.

Anyone who has trouble with colour perception (oooh ooh pick me!) may have some difficulty with this game.

Try get through 25 levels of Neon Maze at Newsgrounds.

[via Jay is Games]

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The Hue Test: How Well do You See Colour?

According to X-Rite, a manufacturer of color matching products, 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. And they’ve set up an online challenge to determine how well you see colour. In the test, you need to drag and drop the colours in each row to arrange them by hue order. Once you’re done click Score Test to get your results – the lower the score, the better you are at seeing colour.

I’m pretty bad and scored a dismal 68 (on the laptop screen) and 49 on my secondary monitor. I compared the results to gentlemen in my age range:

Best score for your gender and age range: 0 (fucking show-off)
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 (one blind-ass dude)

Take the FM100 Hue Test at X-Rite and let us know how you fared. You’ll need to select a country to proceed to the test.

[via Zoomdoggle]