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Resident Evil Revelations Giveaway: We Have a Winner!

Thank you for all the awesome entries in our Resident Evil: Revelations¬†giveaway competition! We saw some very creepy stories indeed (read them here), and it seems that the score is pretty much tied between Resident Evil and Silent Hill being the creepier game (with a couple of chimes in for Dead Space, and one…ahem…interesting¬†call for Hannah Montana: the Movie: The Game. Seriously…why would you voluntarily play that?)

To be completely fair to the people who didn’t enter a scary story, we’ve assigned every valid entry a number, and the assigned every entry with a story with a second number (bonus chance! Yay!) and our winner is…

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And The Winner Is…


Since February this year, we here at Onelargeprawn have been hard at work getting our hands on prizes to give them away to you, our loyal readers. We’ve had some really great companies who have sponsored their goodies for our various competitions and I’d like to send a massive thanks to them for their kindness.

I can’t enter our competitions, and whilst it’s always great to give stuff away, I wouldn’t mind winning something occasionally. And recently, a little bit of good karma must have rubbed off – the blog aggregating juggernaut Afrigator teamed up with financial institution Mimoney to offer R500 vouchers to five lucky bloggers, and I was one of them.

Being a gamer, I spent that voucher before you can say “Press Start”! It wouldn’t come as a surprise that I pre-ordered the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves from At the moment, you can’t actually use Mimoney vouchers to pre-order goods at Kalahari, but a simple workaround suggested by their ever helpful staff got the order done.

So there you have it, 172 words to tell you I won something. It hardly enriches your life, but I thought I’d share it anyway. ;-)

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Competition Winner: Transformers on Blu-ray!

Our first competition here at the Onleargeprawn blog has finally come to and end. To stand a chance of winning Loud Noises Transformers on Blu-ray, we asked you to tell us the actor who voiced N.B.E. -01. The answer was Agent Smith himself, Hugo Weaving.

We had an overwhelming number of entries so thanks to everyone who entered. The List Randomizer has done its thing and given us a winner…