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A Gentlemen’s Duel – Now With Steam-Powered Mecha!

Aaah my lady. Your grace is matched only by your boobies, err, I mean your beauty.” With an opening line such as that, you know you’re in for something special.

In this hilarious animated short from Blur Studio, a cunning war of words between two gentlemen who seek the hand of a beautiful lady, quickly erupts into an EPIC battle in giant Steampunk mecha!

Packed full of explosive action and sexual innuendo, it’s one period drama you won’t soon forget. See it below or watch it in high quality on YouTube.

That’s totally made of win, don’t you think?

[via The Awesomer]

Animal Kingdom

Seahorses: World’s Most Romantic Species

Forget any notions you may have about being the most romantic girl/guy in the world. Acts like not farting in bed and occasionally letting your partner shower first pale in comparison to the most romantic species in the world: seahorses.

Seahorses hold tails, change colours, and whirl about together for days before their true courtship dance, which happens to last about eight hours. When was the last time you satisfied your partner for 8 labourious hours? The cherry on the top of this is that the male of the species becomes pregnant and carries the offspring.

More about seahorse life and Environmental Graffiti.