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Dude Surfs Tahitian Wave on a Dirt Bike!

I saw this yesterday but still can’t believe it. Because using a conventional surfboard is too pedestrian for Robbie Maddison, the freestyle motocross rider decided to catch some waves atop a modified dirt bike. He transitions from land to sea with ease and speed, and rides a sizeable wave in Tahiti like it ain’t no thang.

Check out Maddison’s crazy Pipe Dream below.

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Bloody Norah! This Jet Bicycle is Ridiculous

You thought Wile E. Coyote was crazy for attaching a pair of ACME rocket-powered roller skates to his feet. Colin Furze is a tad bonkers too. A plumber by day, hobbyist inventor by night, Furze had a few screws loose when he created “Norah”. Using pulsejet technology, the mad inventor fitted the pulse jet onto a rickety ladies bicycle, transforming Norah into one hot bike! Watch as the world’s most dangerous bicycle fires into action and blasts the maniacally-laughing Furze down the road at 50 mph.

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If you enjoyed the surrealist ice fishing video, then you might get a kick out of this too. Created by CRAZY DAVE TAPE, this bizarre little clip shows an early human as he comes upon a nest of ostrich eggs. The primitive caveman cracks open an egg and goes on an unexpected trip.

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Portraits of People Playing Video Games

London-born photographer Phillip Toledano loves taking emotive portraits. He has photographed phone sex operators who put on falsities to appease attention-starved callers and has captured how surgery is ushering in a new kind of beauty. And in a 2002 series entitled GAMERS, Toledano asked his subjects to play video games and captured the intensity where it can be most seen — on their faces. Toledano doesn’t mention what games the people were playing, but from some of the “FFFUUUUU!” looks, they’ve died one too many times in Ninja Gaiden. Have a look at some crazed gamefaces after the jump.

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Kid Plays Guitar Hero on Expert While Solving Two Rubik’s Cubes

This just blew my mind. I’ve seen people ride a unicycle while solving a Rubik’s cube, I’ve seen people juggle while solving a cube, I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous Rubik’s cube related feats, but this one almost made my head explode. Let’s break down what he’s doing:

  • He’s playing on Expert
  • He’s doing it in the reflection of a mirror
  • He’s strumming with his elbow
  • He’s solving two Rubik’s cubes after each other, with one hand.
  • He’s actually doing pretty well at Guitar hero (77%)

If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is. It would have been extra cool if he recited Pi while doing all of this.

Check it out:

[via Gizmodo]


The sh*t

spiderdrawingWhen I grow up I want to be a blogger like David Thorne (you need to mouse around a bit to find the way into his site but I promise it’s worth it).

My son’s birthday is next week. When he was seven, I told him to draw pictures of what he wanted for his birthday as a visual list, when I inquired as to one image (which I first took to be a box of coloured crayons), I deciphered his explanations as it being tampons. In particular, the multicoloured brand. His only references to the product were the adverts featuring a girl jumping out of a window onto a tree which lowered her into a bmw convertible full of friends, an electric green street racing car with black flames and the ability to do a single handed handstand star-jump on a dance machine to crowd applause. I bought him a box and figured he would work it out. Yesterday I asked him what he wants for his birthday and he replied ‘not tampons’.

While watching the movie ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ together last night, my offspring stated that he wished Riddick was his dad. When I asked why, he replied that Riddick is good looking, has muscles and is a good fighter. I told him that I wished Matthew (his arch-enemy at school) was my son because he is better at maths and has cool hair.

Girls that have said no #4
A lady (aged 190) at the counter at Myers in front of me yelled ‘my purse’ then looked at me and proclaimed ‘You took my purse’ so I said ‘yes, I took your purse, I collect them.’ and she started yelling at me and the department manager came over and I had to explain that I was not admitting to the theft, I was being sarcastic. Her purse ended up in one of the many bags she was carrying but she continued to glare at me without so much as an apology. When the girl served me she apologised and I asked her ‘why, did you arrange someone to act like an old crazy woman for me’ and she laughed and said that I was funny so I asked her out and she said no.

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Revenge of the babysat

Somebody smart once said never work with children or animals. This proved to be advice young Nathan Beavers of Jackson, Ohio really should have taken to heart.

Nathan was babysitting a bunch of kids in a trailer in Jackson when he clumsily trod on a four-year-old boy’s foot. This innocent bumbling act so enraged the injured toddler that he proceeded to grab a shotgun and blast it in Nathan’s general direction. Luckily for Nathan his wounds are reportedly pretty minor. The toddler has not been charged.


Nice. Trailer + Toddler + Shotgun = Only in America.

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