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Explore Your Dual World

As part of their latest advertising campaign for the dual SIM card smartphone, Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Portugal uses projection mapping to create a wonderful multimedia presentation. As the human model covered in reflective paint sits on a chair and serves as the canvas, the digital projector transforms him into a myriad of people and things. Have a look at Explore Your Dual World below.

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The Bark Side

When I got married many years ago, I had a grand idea for my bride’s entrance. I imagined a pack of dogs — some small, others big — all dressed up in bowties, and in unison barking out the tune to the “Here comes the bride” march. My wife thought it sweet, albeit a bit silly. It never happened, but that didn’t mean that it was a bad idea.

Roll on 2012, and Volkswagen have created a super cute commercial with 12 dogs barking out the famed Star Wars Imperial March theme. An AT-AT walker appears in the video too, in an costume that looks similar to the one worn by our favourite AT-AT dog, Bones Mello. Check out The Bark Side below.

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Pizza Boomerang is Deadly to Penises

Picture the scene. A He-Man-esque super hero waits patiently for his pizza to warm up in the microwave. Fearing the fast food might be a little too hot, our hero flings it from his home planet towards the earth. Thus begins the utterly bizarre journey of Pizza Boomerang, a pizza so epic that it could slice your penis off.

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Arty Video Clips

Gulp: A Particularly Fishy Tale

From the makes of Dot, the world’s smallest stop-motion film character comes a film that happens to be on the other end of the scale. Gulp is a harrowing story of a fisherman whose catch turns out to be a little more than he can stomach. Have a look at the fishy tale below.

Created once again by Sumo Science, the film/ad was shot using a trio of Nokia N8 phones that were mounted on a basket crane some 36 metres above the ground. The action was drawn out by sand artists and took place on 42.71 metre by 24 metre canvas on a beach in South Wales, UK. Like Dot, Gulp also broke a Guinness World Record, this time for using the largest stop-motion animation set. See the making of Gulp after the jump.

Arty Video Clips

Dot: A Side-Scrolling Adventure in a Microscopic World

Dot is a very small girl. She is in fact 9mm tall and wakes up in an equally miniscule world full of danger, where it seems the backdrop is out to kill little Dot. In this side-scrolling adventure, the tapestry is snapping at her heels as she attempts to bound over rolling coins, navigate through crystal caves, and cross the perilous seas of pencil shavings, in the hope of escape. Find out what happens next in Dot below.

The stop-motion film was created by Sumo Science and shot on an N8, in essence making it cleverly-disguised Nokia commercial to highlight the phone’s fancy camera and its Carl Zeiss optics. The creators used CellScope, an attachment that can turn the camera of a mobile phone into a low-cost microscope. The ad also set a Guinness World Record for having the smallest stop-motion animation character in a film. See the behind-the-scenes footage after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Video Clips

A Love Story in Milk

In a processing plant, a male carton of milk catches the eye (label?) of the opposite sex. Their love blossoms on the shelf of a supermarket and continues to marriage at home, and is then ruined by a callous act.

This anthropomorphic love story/recycling PSA was made by British agency Catsnake for Friends of the Earth, a network of environmental organizations.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

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Forest Xylophone Plays Bach’s Cantata 147

Think of a giant xylophone being fashioned out of wood. Now imagine that wooden contraption being set up in the enchanting woodlands of Kyushu, Japan and then used to play a piece of classical music. That is exactly what the inventive people at Drill Inc. did as an advert for a wood-encased phone, the Touch Wood SH-08C. The phone is made from trees that have been culled from overgrown forests.

According to the creators no artificial music was added, they merely adjusted the background levels for effect. Watch as one little wooden ball, with a little help from gravity, rolls down the forest xylophone and plays Bach’s Cantata 147.

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Animal Kingdom Arty Video Clips

Amazing Cat and Dog Ads

The internet is a magical place, in fact it is the best source of weird and wonderful content. From the strange to the cute, almost anything can be found. More importantly I have had more time to troll my Twitter account, and I found some awesome stuff. @Pfangirl retweeted an amazing video originally posted by @Yolandi_JvR about a Pedigree ad, which involves cute dogs catching some treats at 1,000 frames per second.

After I showed it to prawn1, he sent me a link with a similar and on-topic video of a Friskies ad. This contained the first (and possibly only) video that was filmed by cats. Different cats across the USA were equipped with HD cameras and left to roam the world as they usually do, for us to see the world from a cat’s perspective.

So who do you think is the next generation of movie stars in the furry industry?

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Kagiso Lediga: Chicken Excellence Officer

Some months back when Trevor Noah became the CEO of Cell C, I wondered what other local comedians Rob Van Vuuren and Loyiso Gola would like to shill if they could. Shame on me for forgetting funny man Kagiso Lediga whose face alone is enough to have me in stitches.

I believe he could sell bacon at a bar mitzvah and richly deserves an endorsement deal. The purveyors of fine flame-grilled peri-peri chicken realized this and recently gave him a prestigious job title in their company, that of chicken excellence officer. The humourous announcement popped up this past Friday. I’ve watched it countless times, LOL’d, and now have a serious hankering for Nando’s. In case you missed it, check it out below.

Update: Upon seeing the killer parody, Cell C’s actual CEO, Lars Reichelt, sent over two 21.6 Mbps speed sticks to Nando’s saying they should consider adding Speedchicken to their menu. Never one to back down from a challenge, Nando’s set about experimenting. Here are the results.

[via Memeburn | 10and5]

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ALT/1977: Modern Tech Re-Imagined as 70s Gear

Given what we know now, I wonder how many of us would love to go back in time and change a couple of things to the betterment of our lives and that of our families? If there’s one thing you wouldn’t want to do, it’s to kill your grandfather, for you then wouldn’t have been born, and consequently would not have been able to go back in time to kill your grandfather. I believe this sticky point is called the grandfather paradox.

Anyways, it seems digital artist Alex Varanese from San Francisco has pondered about time travel and decided he’d grab all the modern 21st century tech around us and zap back to the late 70s, where he’d re-design all the gear, sell it, and make a bazillion dollars. He took four popular consumer products – an MP3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone, and a handheld game console – and created a set of spectacularly retro print ads to advertise them as if they had been designed in the late 70s. The set is called ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS, see it after the jump.

Laptron 64

Pocket Hi-Fi


Microcade 3000

See more of Varanese’s work on

BONUS: You may also like MY DESK IS 8-BIT, Varanese’s vision of what video game might look like if it was a stop motion animation.

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