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“Better Man Than He” Music Video Shot in MRI Scanner

Artist Sivu needed to think up a music video to his song, “Better Man Than He”. He had a brain wave.

Sivu lay in an MRI scanner for several hours and as the machine subjected him to loud noises, he made music of his own. Director Adam Powell collected and edited the real-time footage that shows the workings of Sivu’s mind as he sang his single.

Check out the resulting anatomical music video to “Better Man Than He”.

[via Ufunk]

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Stop Motion of the Day: Shugo Tokumaru’s “Katachi”

The dynamic duo of Adamski and Kijek make wonderful use of colour and stop motion in this music video for Japanese singer-songwriter, Shugo Tokumaru. Using what must have been thousands of silhouettes, the duo creates a continuous parade of shapes and characters that change with the rhythms of the song. Have a look at official music video to Tokumaru’s single, Katachi.

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Fresh Guacamole!

Written and directed by the artist known as PES, Fresh Guacamole is a stop-motion short film that shows how to create the tasty Mexican dip using everyday objects like grenades, golf balls, and light bulbs. There are visual puns aplenty in this humorous and creative cooking clip.

PES also shows how to cook pasta sauce in Western Spaghetti. See that short after the jump.

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Can You Draw The Internet?

It’s very difficult to imagine our lives without the Internet. We’ve so heavily relied on it for all sorts of personal and business transactions. With around 1.8 billion people on the Internet it’s becoming more and more difficult nowadays to distinguish between our online and offline worlds. Researchers say that between 5% and 10% of surfers suffer some sort of dependency on the Web (see Internet Addiction Disorder).

We surf the Web every day and people have been trying to visualize what the Internet looks like for years now. Ad agency Saint approached this in an interesting manner – they set up an online drawing contest and pitted a group of school children against professionals who work in the creative industry. These aren’t ordinary children though, according to Saint, they eat, breathe, and live the Internet.

Children today are growing up in a world of technology and communications. They have never experienced a world without the internet, with every part of their day consumed by mobile phones, websites, computer games, apps, Xbox, you name it.

The website Can You Draw The Internet? hosts the drawings from both parties and you can now vote for your favourite visualizations of the Internet. Have a look at some of the submissions after the jump.


Living Room PC Case Mod is Tiny, Cozy

The only customization I did on my PC was asking for the case, monitor and other bits to be black. I’d show you a picture of it, but I’m afraid the sheer blackness of it may cause you to soil yourself. Instead, have a look at this rather unique case mod, where a hobbyist has created a cozy, inviting living room inside the PC.

The Living Room PC comes with a three-seater sofa, an armchair, a pot plant, a and little lamp that plugs into one of the PC’s power circuits. The bottle of Coca Cola and a copy of the New York Times paper adds the extra touch. The furniture is so intricate, the maker must have the patience of a saint (or a serial killer).

Have a look at the images after the jump.

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The Impressive Artwork of Nik Ainley

Shake what ya momma gave ya. In the case of Nik Ainley, it would be mad photoshop skillz. Hailed a one of the “Top 10 up-and-coming creative talents of 2006” by Computer Arts magazine, this UK based illustrator has been creating stunning art work for magazines, books, and clothing. Here’s a small gallery of this illustrations. The images may take a while to load.

See more at Nik’s online portfolio, Shinybinary, or hit up his work at deviantART.

[via The Inspiration Design]

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Global Street Art

There is no need to pay exploitative prices to get into the world’s finest museums when you can find the most awesome art by just walking down the street.

Hit the jump to see more street art from around the world.