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Creepy October: Bedfellows

If you’ve not heard of Drew Daywalt (IMDB link), odds are you’re not familiar with an amazing, prolific art form: short horror. YouTube abounds with short films that cram as much scare into between two and fifteen minutes as most feature-length triple-A, big budget horror films.

Daywalt’s Bedfellows is acknowledged as a masterwork of storytelling, atmosphere, and creep. It clocks in at just over 2 minutes, but boy, what an intense two minutes! There’s no gore, just pure atmos…fear.

If you enjoy this, there’s a whole stack more over at Drew’s short film channels, Fewdiodotcom and Daywalt Fear Factory.


Creepy October: 10 Creepy, Two-Sentence Stories

Creep is sometimes best served in short bites, and the Internet has never failed to deliver some amazing short scares. Here’s 10 that you might find at least a little bit unsettling, especially when read alone at 2 am…

Featured Game Reviews

We Review: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog hardly needs no introduction to the PS3 gamer. The much-loved creators of the Uncharted franchise has been thrilling audiences with the derring-do antics of Nathan Drake since 2007. To date, the Uncharted franchise has sold over 13 million copies and Naughty Dog has garnered a number of accolades, including over 200 “Game of the Year” awards for 2009’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Four years later, and Naughty Dog is back in the spotlight, but this time Nathan Drake isn’t laying waste to the population of a small country. The Last of Us is a new IP that takes us in a different direction, to a much darker time and place. With Naughty Dog’s track record, there is little risk of getting a clunker, so the pertinent question should be, “Just how *good* is The Last of Us?” Find out after the jump.


Creepy “1/2” Face Illusions

I see what you did there, Jesús González Rodríguez. In his photo project entitled 1/2, the student from Venezuela creates illusions using the human face. Rodríguez takes frontal and side-on shots of his subject’s face and then merges them to create a rather creepy composite.

Have a look at Rodríguez’ multidirectional face illusions after the jump.


This Dog Portrait is Made From Its Cremated Ashes

Saying goodbye to one’s pets is a terribly sad affair. But for some people, it’s not necessarily a farewell, as the memory of their pet lives on, in their hearts, or in some cases on canvas.

Lars Marcus and Theo Tverteras from Skrekkøgle have a friend whose setter Susie passed on. The pet was cremated and the Norwegian designers wanted to created a memorial using the ashes. Their website doesn’t go into too many details but it seems the duo modified printer and experimented until they sure the ash would adhere to a dark canvas. See their remembrance photo of Susie after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Movies

“Alma” is Charming, a Little Creepy

Alma is a short film by first time director Rodrigo Blaas and his team of creative designers. A winner of several animation awards last year, Alma is a story about a little boy who gets lured into a very odd toy store. It’s charming and a little unnerving, or maybe I’m just a big girl’s blouse. Check it out below.

Find out more about the short film at

[via zefrank]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

AdFreak’s Creepiest Commercials of 2009

…and the majority of them are PSAs. Because the easiest way to get through to people is to scare them into submission.

Adfreak reviews the year in advertising and compiles a list of the 30 most bizarre and creepy ads they have come across. The majority of the ads don’t push any products, but attempt to terrify one into thinking/caring about topics that they may not necessarily be bothered about. There are a couple of these rather freakish ads after the jump.

Arty Weirdness

Matt Dixon’s Ghoulish Gals

A Halloween party is just around the corner and I’m flummoxed for ideas. I had thought of going as a flasher, it would be a truly frightening experience for all involved, but I’m not prepared to clean up the vomit that would erupt from the mouths of the traumatized victims. To get further inspiration* I find myself looking at the freaky femmes, the ghoulish gals, the horrific honeys (OK enough of that) of illustrator and concept artist, Matt Dixon.

Have a look at some of the cuties after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Weirdness

Internal Anatomy of Japanese Folk Monsters

According to Wikipedia, Yōkai is a broad terms for a class of monsters and supernatural beings in Japanese folklore. In the 1960s, a manga artist by the name of Shigeru Mizuki created the Yōkai Daizukai, an illustrated guide that takes a look inside the humorous or bizarre characters that inhabited the Japanese countryside.

Have a look at a few of the cutaway diagrams after the jump.