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The Layman’s Guide to Braaing

I must tell you, writing this article has just made me incredibly hungry. I mean, just look at the header image and you’ll understand why.

The topic of discussion today is the South African pastime known as The Braai. If you’re an international reader, you’re probably wondering “What the heck is a Braai?” Well never fear, I’m here to not only tell you what a Braai is, but also shed some more light on the whole phenomenon.

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Asialphabet: The A to Z of Japan

In her illustrated series, Asialphabet, artist Yoriko Yoshida creates a most wonderful A to Z of Japan using a variety of items and traditions that make the country so unique. Yoriko uses bonsai, ikebana, manga, ninjas, and a whole lot of other cultural references I don’t entirely understand to form the letters of the English alphabet. The letters Q and X are omitted though.

Have a look at Yoshida’s amazing Asialphabet after the jump.

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Japan – The Strange Country

I don’t think we need to tell anyone that the Japanese can be a little odd. Of all the places in the far east I’d like to visit, Japan certainly ranks high up there. The kooky, off-the-wall antics of our slitty-eyed friends just appeals to me. To quote Tracy Morgan from Cop Out, I love you like the fat kid loves cake!

So we’re fans of Japan and of infographics so when I spotted this I was compelled to post it. A 23-year old Japanese artist by the name of Kenichi created an infographic video for his thesis project in which he took at a look at the country, its people and their culture, not through his own eyes but if it were from a foreigner’s point of view. It’s informative and beautifully designed. Have a look at Japan – The Strange Country below.

See more of Kenichi’s work on his website,

[via Design You Trust]