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Lucy Furr’s Friday Smackdown

I’ve been a lazy bastard lately and have missed out on so many golden and evocative blogging opportunities in the last few weeks, especially the whole ET bites the dust drama and the continuing saga of Juju. Anyway I’ve made the firm decision to blog at least once a week and to ease myself in, I’ve decided to bring you Dear Reader my Lucy Furr’s Friday Smackdown. A smackdown is defined by wiktionary as a fight; a beating, a physical or emotional confrontation. Well I’m hoping to provoke all three by exposing my most private feelings towards two similar items every Friday e.g. two flavours, two books, two TV shows, two beers, you get the picture. One of the items will be something I think rocks and the other will be one I think sucks. Feel free to smack me down if you don’t agree or alternately to agree profusely and congratulate me on my outstandingly good taste.

So let’s kick off with two fairly recent songs, one by Young Money(whoever he is), and the other’s by Cypress Hill.

This song SUCKS.

I knock her lights out and she still shine. WTF.

This song ROCKS.

Apologies for the lack of official video. If you can find one please send me the link and I’ll pop it in here.