Designing an Artisanal Hipster Logo in Six Easy Steps

If you like Earl Grey-fed lactating hamster milk in your flat white, keep your pencils in a moonbag case case, and take many a cross-processed selfie, it’s too late. You’ve gone full hipster.

While hipsters may have niche interests, it appears that hipster branding is rather conventional and common. In fact, six steps is all it takes to create a hipster logo. Illustrator Tim Delger creates a handy step-by-step guide on how to design an authentic, artisanal hipster logo. Check it out after the jump.

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The Long LOST Tarot Cards

Graphic designer Alex Griendling hails from Kentucky and must like me, be pretty much obsessed by the all -consuming and awful brilliance that is LOST.

Alex has artfully created a set of Tarot cards that represents some of the main characters and of course the island. Each card is beautifully and darkly designed in a smoke and mirrors sort of way, and symbolizes each character’s essence and being. For those who aren’t sure what tarot cards have to do with anything, tarot cards were originally used for playing innocent card games, but over the centuries  have taken on a more esoteric and mystical function and are now used to tell fortunes. You can read all about traditional tarot decks and their uses here. As far as what tarot cards have to do with LOST, your guess is as good as mine, but none-the-less they seem to fit perfectly with the freakishly weird mysticism and twisted ideology that envelops possibly the best TV show ever made.

If you haven’t watched a lick of LOST, then (I feel sorry for you LOSER) tread carefully as there may be spoilers. See the full list of LOST tarot cards after the jump.

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Michael Paukner And His Esoteric Subjects

I think I am in love. The more time I spend on Michæl Paukner’s Flickr stream, the more I am drawn into his visual style. He creates a selection of posters and infographics that seem marry science and design in the most beautiful ways. He illustrates some heady, complex stuff that I certainly don’t understand, like the Dymaxion Map and the Antikythera mechanism, they’re all so fantastic to look at.

See some of his art after the jump.

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Calling All Designers: Mingo Lamberti Needs YOU!

Our friends at Mingo Lamberti just dropped us a mail to let us know about a new competition they are running. It’s a quite a lot more involved than winning one of our giveaways but the accolades that the winner will receive are certainly worth the effort.

For its 7th range, Made in China, Mingo Lamberti is calling for designers to submit their t-shirt designs inspired by the country that bought you kung fu, white rabbit candies, and the cultural revolution, comrades!

The winning designs will be made into Mingo Lamberti’s 7th range, unveiled at a gallery evening in Cape Town, and published in Design Indaba magazine. The designers will be interviewed in Design Times and will receive vouchers for creative bookshop Biblioteq and for Vida e Caffe.

The competitions ends on August 31st 2009. For the full brief head to Mingo Lamberti.

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Electric Cigarettes

On the topic of smoking gadgets – here’s one that offers you a nicotine high with none of the side effects or nasty additives.

Apparently you can smoke electric cigarettes (which are battery powered) indoors at work and in restaurants because they use pure liquid nicotine. So there’s no secondary smoke to harm the people around you.

Check them out on youtube: the new electric cigarette

And check out a full range of products on Smoke51.

The Daily Mail’s article has more information.

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Storage for the ladies…

…and no it hasn’t got anything to do with bras or other breast storing facilities! OK lady readers I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of boobies etc for the week. I mean I’m not against titties – I have them, half (or slightly more) of the world’s population have them, but I like to see the odd useful thing on the web. Anyway I was browsing another great blog – Neatorama – and I came across this cool and handy lamp that doubles as a place to hang your earrings.


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The 2008 International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest

I have a dark secret. I sent a family of guppies to their grave as I poured the contents of my fish tank into the garden. It was not out of spite, or because I didn’t get the espresso straight, no chaser that I clearly ordered; I just got bored of the fish.

Boredom has no place at the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, where aquascapers (apparently that’s a legitimate word) come together to compete in the largest planted aquarium aquascaping contest in the world. For most, it’s not about the money, rather the bragging rights and recognition for their pieces of “living art.”

Here are the top 3 winners from the 2008 contest. Click the images to see them bigger.

World Ranking 1 – Cheng Siu Wai, Honk Kong

World Ranking 2 – Yutaka Kanno, Japan

World Ranking 3 – Hsu Yung Lin, Taiwan

And spare a thought for A.J. Judy Prajintno Putra of Indonesia whose fantastic, super-wide aquascape only got 7th spot. I’d feel a bit cheated if I were him/her.

See more aquascapes at Aqua Design Amano.