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“Harden The Fuck Up” and Other Wallpaper

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Prawn can make wallpaper but it seems good ones can be hard to find. It’s also a very subject thing so you might not find these ones relevant to your interest unless you need a bit of encouragement, or are looking for a minimalist take on Officer’s Murtaugh unmentionables, or just fancy a pair of hot buns. Check them out after the jump.

Arty Weirdness

Weirdly Cute Patterns by Mike Mitchell

We haven’t done a wallpaper-related post in a while. We don’t really have an excuse for it aside from the suffering a serious bout of procrastinitis. We’re better now and found some odd wallpaper patterns from Los Angeles artist Mike Mitchell.

From a bizarre skull and cross bones design made up of kitty bits to an anthropomorphic eyeball, Mitchell’s designs are cute, if a little weird. Check them out after the jump.


Simple Desktops

It’s been a terribly long while since we did a wallpaper post. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to find the right wallpaper to suit your tastes and violent mood swings.

Today we’ve got minimalism in mind and came across Simple Desktops, a collection of wallpapers that do away with heavily manipulated images in favour of more minimal eye candy. Find a couple of our favourites after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #6

Of all the words I can’t spell properly, graffiti is definitely one of them. The only reason I get it right is because of the spell checker, thank you my omnipotent friend. Graffiti is the theme of our wallpaper post today, more specifically a digital form of it.

Australian motion graphics designer Brad Schwede has taken his love of digital art and graffiti and mashed them together. Graffiti Technica shows his graffiti beautifully rendered in 3D. Have a look at some of his creations after the jump.

Arty Inspirational Designs

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #5

From self-taught digital artist Jared K. Nickerson comes a pack 20 creative vector wallpapers to brighten your desktop. The images are all 1920×1200. See a few of them below.

And the rest are after the jump.


Kitsune Noir’s Desktop Wallpaper Project

You can never have too many wallpapers. I was searching around for some today and happened upon Kitsune Noir, the blog of Bobby Solomon, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Los Angeles.

Every week, Solomon runs The Desktop Wallpaper Project where he features a new wallpaper from a different designer and makes it available for download. Have a look at some of the designs – click the images to go to the download pages.

And this is my personal favourite by illustrator and comic artist Mickey Duzyj.

See more at Kitsune Noir’s The Desktop Wallpaper Project.

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #4

Desktopography is synonymous with beautiful wallpapers. Designers from all over the world submit designs, and the outstanding entries get compiled into an exhibition. And in their latest exhibition, the wallpapers follow the theme Nature on your Desktop. Have a look at some of them below.

See all 65 nature-themed wallpapers at Desktopography’s exhibition #5.

[via idigdesign]

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #3

I guess this needs no introduction which is pretty swell as I cannot brain today, I have the dumb. Click on the images to take you to the download locations.

See more wallpapers after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #2

Today has been a total non-starter for me. After a night of pool and beer, I’m a touch unstable. Case in point, I nearly fell off the toilet just a few moment ago! But to my defence, the seat had somehow come loose, aiding to the unpleasant meeting of my head and the faux marble wall. Luckily the contents of my bowel stayed put during the unexpected event. But I digress.

After our previous post on purdy wallpapers to brighten your desktop, I thought another one would be appropriate. So see below for some fantastical widescreen wallpaper.

See the full list of 99 widescreen wallpapers at instantShift.

Arty Awesomeness

Invade or Die: Onelargeprawn Gets Arty

I wanted to start off by saying that my Photoshop skills are as great as my penis is long but then realised how I just insulted myself so I gave up on that intro and went with something a little less self-deprecating.

I know as much about art as a garden snail knows about astrophysics, but I made something that I think looks a little arty. It was an entry that I created for a competition on the local Playstation 3 forum; I converted into a wallpaper and wanted to share it with you – it’s called Invade or Die.

Keeping true to our theme that choice is the most important priority right after love, sex, intelligence, pets, internet, and a whole bunch of other stuff, I have prepared a few different resolutions of the wallpaper in case you might actually like it and want to download a bigger version.

Right click the link of the resolution you’re interested in and select the option to save the image/link.

1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1440×900 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200

480×272 (PSP) | 1280×720 (720p) | 1920×1080 (1080p)

Do let me know what you think about it.