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Tobias Funke’s “I Just Blue Myself” Ice Cream

Arrested Development was cancelled way before its time. Since the season finale in 2006, fans of the incredibly funny witty TV series have been praying for its return. At the recent New Yorker Festival, audiences broke out into rapturous applause when the series creator Mitch Hurwitz announced that the show (and movie!) would return to TV screens in 2013.

Overcome with happiness, illustrator Jon Defreest decided to pay homage to the show and a very special member of the Bluth family by creating a flavour of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Called I Just Blue Myself, the flavour celebrates the questionable sexuality of the family’s analyst and therapist (shortened to analrapist), Tobias F√ľnke.

Defreest has whipped up more ice cream flavours based on pop culture characters including Dexter, Ron Swanson, and The Dude. Have a look at those after the jump.

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Dexter Meets Saul Bass

Illustrator Ty Mattson channels Saul Bass in his alternate openining credits to the smashing Showtime series, Dexter. Mattson had initially created a set of minimalist posters, one for each season of the show, highlighting the pivotal moments from each episode. Showtime was thoroughly impressed with his works and subsequently interviewed Mattson for a bonus feature in the season 5 DVD boxset.

Mattson then turned his focus to making the title sequence. With the help of friends from Fashion Buddha, he used his existing poster artwork to create the opening credits to Dexter as if the show was aired in the 1960s.

Have a look at Mattson’s alternate, animated Dexter intro below.

And have a gander at his fantastic poster designs after the jump.

Arty Music Video Clips

Stirring “Dexter” Theme Cover

Your friendly neighbourhood serial killer will soon be back on air. While he eagerly awaits the new season of Dexter, musician Adam Ben Ezra sat down and performed a cover of the famous theme music, complete with surgical gloves, plastic tarp, and a slide collection of his very own. See Ezra’s Dexter – Killer Music Video below.

[via @RiaanWest]

Useful/Useless Info

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works

A famous blood spatter analyst/serial killer once said, “Blood never lies.” In this infographic, we learn about the characteristics about blood, more specifically when it is spilled during the commission of a crime. See it after the cut.

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Pogo’s Killer Dexter Mashup

You may remember Pogo and his earlier creation Skynet Symphonic. He is back, and commissioned by Showtime, has created a fantastic music video for everyone’s favourite serial killer, Dexter. As is custom with Pogo, the piece is made up entirely of samples and footage from the show. Check out Pogo Does Dexter below.

[via The Awesomer]

Arty Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs

Minimalist TV Show Posters by Albert Exergian

Austrian designer Albert Exergian excels in this exercise at minimalism. In his series of posters for popular TV shows, he has boiled down the essence of the show down to its most simplest form. The results are amazing, the shows are instantly recognizable from the symbols that Exergian has used. See ten of these posters after the jump.

See more of Exergian’s minimalist TV show posters at (scroll down to the bottom).

This kind of art literally sells itself so if you’d like to pick up any of these posters, they’re up for sale – GBP 50.00 for an A1 print. More details at Blanka.

[via Shaheemab]

Entertainment Video Clips

As Seen on TV: 20 Great Opening Title Sequences

With the mass popularity of television programming, shows have ditched those cheesy irritating video montages (where’s that fast-forward button?) in favour of more polished, visually appealing opening sequences. Smashing Magazine has broken down their list of top 20 brilliant TV show title sequences.

Here are my top five opening sequences.


Join Dexter Morgan as he goes about his seemingly ordinary morning routine. The opening sequence belies the cunning and killer instincts this man possesses.


There’s quite nothing like a day in the Roman Republic where betrayal, death, and copious amounts of sex were all commonplace. The series focuses on the lives of both rich and poor.

The Sopranos

Smoking a fat cigar, Tony Soprano emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel and entering the New Jersey Turnpike on his way home. Life in “waste management” is seemingly cushy.


This opening sequences uses tarot cards to show the battle between good and evil set in the Great Depression between 1934 and 1935.

The IT Crowd

A funny 8-bit style animation about the antics of misfits Moss, Roy, and Jen in the basement IT deparment of Reynholm Industries.

Check out the full list and let us know your favourites.