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Umbrellas, Drones, and OK Go

Alt-rock band OK Go trade treadmills for self-balancing unicyles in the music video to their infectious disco tune, I Won’t Let You Down.

The one-take video shot from a camera onboard a multi-copter drone follows the band as they start a synchronized dance riding Honda’s UNI-CUB personal transport devices. The action gets more ambitious and complicated as the camera takes to the skies over Japan’s Chiba prefecture and captures a veritable army of dancers opening and closing their umbrellas in time to the song. It’s a delight but you wouldn’t expect anything less from OK Go. Check it out below.

[via @NeverGlade_ZA]

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Do The Funky Boogie

Oh no. Being of simple mind when I get a song into my head, it does tend to roll around in there for quite some time. The song in question is by John Ozila who is getting all afro-disco in the house. Have a listen to Funky Boogie below.

Sing it with me: Ah ouh ouh ah ouh ouh aaaaaaaaah!

Funky Boogie was recently used in a Lipton Ice Tea commercial where the versatile actor Hugh Jackman danced up a storm in Tokyo Dance Hotel. It reminded me of Christopher Walken and that made me smile. Check it out after the jump.