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Make a Nyan Cat Papercraft Machine!

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! No doubt you’ll recall the catchy tune that accompanied the 8-bit Nyan Cat as it flew through outer space and into our hearts.

At the height of its popularity, Nyan Cat inspired remixes, wallpapers, games, and homebrew mods that allowed you to replace the drab Windows progress bars with the jollier Nyan Cat. DeviantART user Philipp S even created a papercraft toy that replicated the movement of Nyan Cat. The result is smashing, see it in action after the jump.

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DIY Toys: Readymechs

Readymech is a project of the FWIS design collective, that makes free, flatpack toys that you can print and build. Readymechs may not be as cool as Dunnies and Munnies but are certainly way cheaper. And I’m all about cheap.

Head over to the Readymech Series, abuse those working printing resources, and get building.