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Dude Spends Six Months Making a Sandwich

People often say they make things “from scratch”, but do they really? Andy George from from How To Make Everything took six months — and USD 1,500.00! — out of his life to make a grilled chicken sandwich. He grew the vegetables, made the salt, pickled the cucumber, harvested the wheat, baked the bread, murdered a chicken, and finally put all the pieces together. After all this arduous work, did the sandwich taste of SUCCESS? Find out below.

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Make Your Own DIY Hoverboard

Ever since the film Back to the Future Part II, just about everyone has dreamed of the day we could all ride our own hoverboard. A few months ago, a company called Hendo said they could create a pretty funky one for $10,000. Leave it to someone with some time to figure out how to do it with four leaf blowers, a skateboard deck, and lots of duct tape.

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Man Builds Palm-Mounted Laser Weapon

Zounds! If you ever were to meet Patrick Priebe, you should hope he never pulls the old “Speak to the hand” trick, for concealed in his palm is a portable laser weapon! The Iron Man fanatic who reportedly watches the films each week of the year has created a working version of the repulsor beam that the super hero Tony Stark built.

Priebe’s device is powered by lithium-ion batteries and has the power of a 1,000 milliwatts, which, according to science, is capable of blinding anyone who happens to look into the light, unless they’re wearing safety glasses. It can also set fire to matches. See his laser glove in action below.

He has also fabricated a portable pulse laser gun that weighs 850 grams that fires up to 50 shots on a set of fully-charged lithium-ion batteries. The device took him over 70 hours to build and is capable of piercing thin sheets of metal and burning through plastic. See a video of that after the jump.

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How to Stop Cats Pissing on Everything

Craig Turner from Perth, Australia is not only a video producer but also a resourceful chap. When a set of nine neighbourhood cats would continually roam into his property and piss all over the place, Turner used his considerable “DIY” skills to create a humane solution to the problem.

By cannibalising his car, a home alarm sensor, and other bits and bobs, Turner produced a deterrent which he dubbed the “Really super awesome cat get awayer thing”. Have a look at the crafty device in action against cats called Ear Off, Blackie Bung Eye, Fatty Fatty Two by Four, Stoopid Cat, and Blackie McLaser Eyes.

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Arty Weirdness

A Brain-Powered Steampunk Mouse

You don’t see this every day. Actually it seems that creating Steampunk mice is not all together rare, but this is certainly the first time I have seen an exposed brain being incorporated with the brass, gears, and wood that make the Steampunk aesthetic what it is.

Deciding that “every self-respecting Victorian Scientist needs a brain in a jar”, hardware designer Peter Balch set about with some mad science, cannibalizing the innards of a standard optical mouse, and using other bits and bobs to give life to his new creation. Have a look at his brain-powered Steampunk mouse after the jump.

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How to Turn a Lighter Into a Tiny Motorcycle

We’re embracing the lighter side of life here at Onelargeprawn. Our mate Abe from The Given Collective posted this on a local gaming forum I peruse every day. It is so singularly awesome and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t post it here. If you are like me and have recently stopped smoking (I’m four months clean), you no doubt have countless cheap lighters lying around the house. You’ll need two of them and some nimble fingers if you want to create a tiny motorcycle that can shoots sparks out as it moves!

The instructions are in Chinese and if you speak the language, have a gander here. However, if you can’t tell your pictographs from your ideographs then YouTuber Tysteriskians has posted a step-by-step video of the creation process in English. Check it out below.

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Quick Question: Can You See Our Gallery Images?

Just a quick question for our readers who happen to be using Firefox and the ad-blocking extension Adblock Plus: are you able to view the images in any of our galleries?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about – in our recent Rare Stars Wars Photos post, we have included a gallery, but in some cases you might not be able to see it.

It’s through no fault of Adblock Plus – by itself it blocks nothing – it is however the subscription (or subscriptions) you have installed that does the filtering. It seems that the EasyList (USA) subscription is blocking 125 pixel by 125 pixel images, which happen to be the same size as the thumbnails we use in our galleries, hence the gallery is now shown.

If you are experiencing this problem, I’ve written a quick guide to resolve the problem. You can find it after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Paper Foldables: Print. Cut. Fold. Tape.

If there’s one thing we love here, it’s boobies papercraft. Artist Bryan Green creates super-cool custom papercraft toys that are available for free download. I’m told that assembly couldn’t be easier – print. cut. fold. tape. Here are some of Green’s creations.

Find the downloadable PDFs at Paper Foldables.

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Carlos Alberto’s Wooden Vespa

When I’m not trying to plot their destruction, I don’t usually pay much attention to the chavs and their look-at-me Vespas. But Carlos Alberto’s beautifully hand-crafted wooden Vespa is something else.

Hit the jump for more images.


Papercraft Millenium Falcon – Build It Yourself

Paper engineer Shunichi Makino has made an incredible papercraft recreation of Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon.

If you have absolutely no desire in the opposite sex, this might be a worthwile project to fill your time. The patterns and instructions are available on Makino’s website.