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Beautiful Dog Portraits by Tim Flach

If you liked Evan Kafka’s funny pet portraits you may like the works of 52-year-old British photographer Tim Flach. He shoots a variety of animals including bats, turkeys, frogs, dogs, and fish.

“I shoot bats, embryos and flies on shit. I’m fascinated by how we interpret and humanize images of animals.”

Today we take a look at his series of portraits entitled Dog Gods where he pays tribute to canis lupus familiaris, our furry best friends. The set is made awesome by the super-cute thick-matted Komondor. Have a look at some of his shots after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Featured

Who Let The Dogs Out 3: Return to Paradise

If you follow us on Twitter and visit the blog occasionally, you may know of our two puppies – Mina the fox terrier terrorist and Panya our whippet of destruction. When they’re not lounging about at home chewing on all of my stuff, we like to take them for walkies. It’s usually up the mountain close to where we live, but for treats, they get to run amok on the beach.

Yesterday was such a great day so we got up early (9:00am) and headed out to Sunset Beach in Milnerton. You might think this déjà vu – we have been to that very beach in Who Let The Dog Out #1. In episode 2, they escaped to Arniston, and led lives of “baie mooi honde”. Now, in episode 3, they return to paradise to frolic and pester little children. We had our camera on hand and snapped a couple of photos to share with you. Find them after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Featured

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Aside from our screen printing escapade and attempt at baking, I know we haven’t posted any personal stuff on the blog but it’s a lazy Sunday evening and I’m sitting here in my favourite holey underpants so it’s a good a time as any.

We try to take our puppies, Mina (Big Min is her gangsta name) and Panya (Lil’ Pun) for walks as regularly as possible, but we’ve been a little bad this week. They like walking on the mountain and scampering around in Tokai forest, but they absolutely love the beach – there’s so much seaweed and crab shells to eat and throw up later, charming I know.

Earlier this morning we bundled the puppies into the car and headed off to Sunset Beach for a little walk. Two hours later, after chasing balls, meeting everyone on the beach (Panya is such an attention-seeker), and with bellies full of sand, the tired mutts were home. We took some happy snaps of the walkabout and thought we’d share them with you. Find them after the jump. Panya is the grey one.

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Habla Espanol?


Congratulations to Amy and Grant on the arrival of two beautiful Spaniel pups. They are ridiculously cute guys! I are jealous.

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Kinky Beasties

I don’t know about you, but to me, one of the best things about pets like cats and dogs is their cuddly furriness. For allergy sufferers however this cuddly yumminess results in a rather unattractive and unfortunate mien of red swollen eyes and a nasty streaming nose. However help is at hand…some enterprising (if that’s a strong enough word) people have taken the time and effort to breed dogs especially for this sniffly lot. The American Hairless Terrier is touted as a perfectly hypo-allergenic dog.

The poor (but still cuteish) beasties look quite naked, and appear to be super high maintenance – needing baths several times a week, applications of skin lotion (lanolin free ONLY!), sunscreen whenever they are outside, and clothes to protect them from the cold. Yikes you might as well have a baby! The up-side is of course no allergic reactions but also I guess no fur equals no fleas, and there’ll also be no need to vacuum pounds of dog hair off your living room every couple of days.

In case you’re interested, you can read more about these kinky beasts at several dog oriented sites including naked heart and dog breed info.