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Demented Disney Characters

While we you may have seen them in all sorts of tight underwear or given the macabre makeover, you’d never think of your beloved Disney characters as pimps, hookers, and flashers. CG Hub user Darko Kreculj (TestosteronMan) does just that, re-imagining the ever so cute creatures in their sinister forms.

See TestosteronMan’s dark Disney fan art after the jump.

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Disney Pulp Fiction!

You might have seen Screen Rant’s brilliant Inception/Toy Story 3 trailer mashup and thought it an odd combination. This is the Internet and unlikely things are mashed together all the time, oh like say a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s brutally funny Pulp Fiction dubbed over with the voices Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Believe it. The results are hilarious. Check it out below [NSFW – Donald Duck says fuck].

[via The Awesomer]