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Meme Movie Posters

Memes are all the rage these days. London-based designer Stefan van Zoggel asks the question: if short-lived internet memes and virals were treated as classic full length films, what would their promotional posters look like? Luckily, van Zoggel took it upon himself to answer his own question. Have a look at some of his minimalist movie posters for memorable memes like Nyan Cat, Double Rainbow, Bed Intruder, the Russian rickroll, and two girls who only have one cup.

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Canary Sky Time-Lapse is Dreamy

Astrophotographer Daniel López spent over a year collating the footage he took of Tenerife and the heavens above it. His time-lapse — or as he calls it, astro-timelapse — film contains majestic mountain scenes, floaty cloud movements, and even double rainbows. Have a look at López’ Canary Sky – Tenerife below.

Muy bueno, no?

[via My Modern Metropolis]