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Tesla Coil Plays “Sail” by Awolnation

The Tesla coil is one of Nikola Tesla’s most significant inventions and is capable of producing extremely high-voltage discharges. At a Maker Faire event in Kansas City, YouTube user highvoltagefeathers put the electrical transformer to creative use. He set up the the coil to discharge electricity at various frequencies and the resulting disturbances in the air created the sounds of “Sail” by Awolnation. Have a listen to the cover below.

[via The Awesomer]

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Dr Megavolt!

Austin Richards has a Ph.D. in particle physics and has been building Tesla coils since the early 80s. Calling himself Dr Megavolt, he wowed audiences Burning Man since hi debut show in 1998. Fast-forward several years to 2009, with his stainless steel knitted mesh suit and a Tesla coil capable of producing 200 000 volts, the good doctor gives another electrifying performance at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Check it out below.

[via Wired | image credit: Exploratorium]