Mission Samsung

OMG, Exercise!

Last week, I received details of the second mission in Mission Samsung‘s blogger challenge and a certain word sent a shiver down the uneven musculature of my spine.



Exercise. The closest I’ve come to exercise is wearing a t-shirt with the word on it. Eggs are sides for bacon, amiright?


Honestly, I get tired just thinking about it.

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

This “Workout Fails” Compilation Will Exercise Your Laughing Muscles

I love exercise as much as the next couch potato. When done right, exercise helps to tone and improve one’s physical and mental health. However, when the workout train take a turn to FAILtown, my laughing muscles certainly get a good stretch.

[via @thelawry]

Cartoons & Comics Site Announcements

Badger, Badger, Dubstep

If you’ve been on the world wide webosphere in the last eight years, you may have come across a Flash cartoon featuring some badgers performing calisthenics. If this doesn’t ring a bell, refresh your memory by clicking here. The song’s creator, Weebl, is bringing that Internet classic back, this time to the tunes of dubstep. Check out Guess I Got My Badger Back.

[via Buzzfeed]