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1950s Housewife on Acid

Do you remember Acid Trip, a US experiment in the early 50s where an artist was given a dose of LSD and asked to draw a subject. The artist goes from being focussed on the task at hand to trying to climb into the activity box that contains his crayons, to moving about the confines of this room for hours on end. His reaction to the substance is seen in the nine drawings he produced. If you missed them, see here.

In this related TV program, also from the 1950s, a housewife of stable mind volunteered to ingest the same drug the artist did, LSD-25 (lysergic acid diethylamide). After the initial interview, the voice-over explains the dosage, and we fast-forward to three hours later. The woman experiences a moment of clarity, saying she has never yet seen or felt a thing of such infinite beauty. Take a look at the archival footage below.

[via The Huffington Post]

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Food Trials: Hamster Chooses Organic

CooksDen wanted to test whether organic food really does taste better, and roped in an unconventional test subject for the experiment. Hammy the hamster possesses superior taste buds, has no problems expressing her opinions publicly, and more importantly is not suckered in by fancy packaging or flashy advertising.

Given the choice of organic and conventional food item of the same type, Hammy chose organic in over sixty percent of the trials.

It’s all fine and good but unlike us, Hammy doesn’t have to pay for anything. Had she known about the ass-raping she would get when it comes to organic food prices, things may have turned out a little differently.

Get the stats and full report at CooksDen | Image Credit: JesseBarker.