Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

The Most Epic Twerk Fail of All Time

Twerking is serious business. This woman just fell off a locker. Gravity thwarted this young lady’s bad attempt, and this girl’s twerking is so horrible that it resembles someone falling down a set of stairs.

Some times, twerking can get too hot to handle. This lady wants to create a sexy video for her boyfriend, and attempts the masterclass “upside down twerk”. Watch what happens next in The Most Epic Twerk Fail Of All Time.

Update: It turns out that Jimmy Kimmel was behind the little prank. The awkward twerker is not “Caitlin Heller” rather stunt woman, Daphne Avalon. Have a look at Kimmel’s director’s cut of the video below.

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Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Russian Life Seen Through Dashcams

Thanks to the dashboard-mounted cameras on motor vehicles, we get to see life in Russia like we never have before. Recently, many Russians uploaded their dashcam videos of the meteorite that exploded over central Russia and injured more than a 1,000 people.

This little compilation of dashcam videos shows the variety of life in Russia from jet flybys and car flips to spilled milk cows and a round of fisticuffs. It is set to wonderfully enthusiastic music from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a”. Enjoy.

See more dashcam compilations on YouTube.

[via The Guardian]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

This “Workout Fails” Compilation Will Exercise Your Laughing Muscles

I love exercise as much as the next couch potato. When done right, exercise helps to tone and improve one’s physical and mental health. However, when the workout train take a turn to FAILtown, my laughing muscles certainly get a good stretch.

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Awesomeness Featured Music Video Clips

Why This Kolaveri Di: The Tanglish “Soup” Song

Translated from Tamil, “Why this kolaveri di” means “Why this murderous rage, girl?” The song is taken from the sountrack to an upcoming Tamil film and is performed by playback singer Dhanush. What is more interesting than the quirky title is the tongue that Dhanush sings the song in — Tanglish, a mixture of English and Tamil. Why This Kolaveri Di is also called the Soup song, where soup is Tamil slang for young men who fail at romantic relationships.

The music video has been viewed over 38,000,000 times on YouTube! For more about the song and its history, Wikipedia has all the details.

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Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Featured Mindlessness Video Clips

The Best Bails and Fails of 2011

The human race is capable of a great many things. Failing is certainly one of them, and thanks to the collective efforts of TwisterNederland8, you can now see a glorious 12-minute compilation of the best bails, fails, and blood trails from the year gone by.

[via @6000]

Cautionary Tales Movies

Bob the Hamster is in Love

This endearing animated short film by Jacob Frey tells the story of Bob, a hamster who finds love but must chase it around the world. He pursues his goal with ardour of a stalker, will he catch up to it? Find out below, and be sure to watch until after the credits ;)

BOB was created in 2009 and took six months to make. In the next couple of months, it travels to many film festivals. For more info, visit

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Animal Kingdom Cautionary Tales Entertainment Featured Video Clips

Mountain Biker Meets Angry Buck

Whenever I’ve walked on the slopes of Table Mountain, the nicer mountain bikers are generally the ones going uphill. They’re far too out of breath to be of any danger to me. However, the ones coming down the hill seldom announce their presence. They scream down the rocky roads, leaving a trail of dust and angered walkers in their wake.

You’d think a mountain biker on the flat savanna wouldn’t be of much nuisance to anyone. Unfortunately for mountain biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa, that wasn’t the case. During a race at the Albert Falls Dam, van der Spuy rode past a grazing Red Hartebeest who reacted to the cyclist’s presence. And by “react”, I mean “charge the mountain biker and klap him something fierce”.


[via +James Francis]

Cautionary Tales Massive Cuteness

Ormie the Pig Wants a Cookie

I love bacon. Bacon comes from pigs, ergo I love pigs.

In this endearing animated short film, Ormie is a pig who has a hankering for cookies that are out of reach on top of a refrigerator. At first, the swine tries to knock the jar off with a broom, failing that, it tries to use a stool as a launch pad. It then constructs a rudimentary seesaw, and fails yet again. Each disappointment sees a more elaborate, slapstick attempt to get at the delectable treats. Will Ormie succeed in the end? Find out below.

[via +Joachim De Sutter]

Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

Slow Motion Skateboarding Fails

Some people succeed at failing and this video from Youtube user ashomsky celebrates those successes.

Shot on a Redlake N3 high speed motion camera at up to 1,000 frames per second, this fail compilation shows skateboarders who perform some wonderful tricks, they just don’t happen to stick the landing all that well.

[via The Awesomer]

Cautionary Tales Sports Video Clips

Epic Parkour Fail

I’ve always imagined parkour athletes as terribly slim, lithe creatures that are able to bound from obstacle to obstacle with poise and grace. It seems, however, that all shapes and sizes can do it. Doing it well is another matter, as seen in this clip from “Hardcore Parkour” where a gentleman attempts a stunt that does not go according to plan. Shit happens.

Update: Professional zombie survivalist Zombie_Phil has informed us that is not a fail but a highly coordinated stunt by Nasty The Horse, an ex-gymnast renowned for his testicular fortitude . You can find more of his “cup-less nut shots” on Youtube. The Horse is also on Twitter.

[via TheKervynator on Twitter]