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Film Review: Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast

Admittedly, although I like to say I’m a big fan of Disney films and IP, I’m not an expert in the world of Tinker Bell. I have sons, not daughters, so I’ve roped in Bacsha Fakier, an expert on Tinker Bell and her Fairy crew, and she’s gone head to head with the Neverbeast to review this film. If you’ve daughters with a penchant for Tinker Bell and her fairies, read on.

Animal Kingdom Arty Weirdness

Tessa Farmer’s Hell Raising Fairies

Tessa Farmer’s miniature sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies, but not the fantasia as you know it. These fairies and hell’s angels are more sinister and goth, skipping the bus trip to wonderland in favour of torturing the insects around them.

Farmer’s mutated fairies stand barely 1cm tall and are created from plant, tree roots, and dead insects.

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