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Emily Carroll’s “The Prince & The Sea”

Until today, I never knew about Emily Carroll. And I have Google’s Jennifer Hom to thank for that discovery.

Carroll is an artist from Vancouver, British Columbia and in her latest comic, she draws out a tale of a prince who falls in love with an enchanting mermaid, and moves the earth to be with her. Hit the jump to see the first few panels of Carroll’s wonderfully-drawn romance comic, The Prince & The Sea.

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The Tale of How

If you have a couple of free minutes today, let it be spent watching The Tale of How. Created by The Blackheart Gang back in ’06, the dark tale is about a flock of dodos living in a tree – and not this any ordinary tree mind you, this one is in the back of OTTO, the tentacled tyrant of the Indian Ocean. OTTO passes his time on the high seas by feasting on the dodos. The flightless birds send messages for help, but no one ever comes, and all seemed lost, until a visitor from the west lends a helping hand.

Wasn’t that superb? It took The Blackheart Gang nine long months of part-time work to create the tale (the making of is here) which happens to be the second part of the Dodo Trilogy. The other two works, The Tale of Then and The Tale of When are still to be made.

You might recognize one of the three members of The Blackheart Gang as Markus Wormstorm from the afro-electro duo, Sweat.X. See more about the creative bunch on their official website.

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