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Invasive Species: These Trees are Cell Phone Towers

In a series entitled Invasive Species, South African photographer Dillon Marsh didn’t photograph pockets of Eucalyptus trees growing amongst the indigenous forest on the slopes of Table Mountain. Instead he made references to the (badly) disguised cell phone towers that have been dotted around Cape Town.

In 1996, mobile telecomms company Vodacom commissioned two gentlemen, Ivo Branislav Lazic and Aubrey Trevor Thomas, to create a set of materials specifically for the concealment and disguisement of the antennae atop the cell phone masts. The duo created what was supposedly the world’s first cell phone tower to be disguised as a palm tree. In 2009, Marsh tracked and photographed these fake palms and other cell phone towers disguised as coniferous trees as they spread across the city. Have a look at the Invasive Species after the jump.

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Feeling Gruff? Listen to This Beatboxing Goat

Feeling a little gruff today? This beatboxing goat would like to cheer you up.

[via ANDPOP]

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Day Jobs: Fantastically Fictional Business Cards

I used to have business cards until the austerity measures hit. But if I ever were to get them again, I’d certainly like designer Fernando Reza to design mine. In a similar vein to Mikko Vartio’s mock websites, Reza creates fantastic business cards for employees of fictional businesses from popular movies, TV series, and video games. There are business cards for the discerning guy selling Quentin Tarantino’s preferred brand of cigarettes, a memory retrieval expert from Massive Dynamic, and even one for a Dharma Initiative account exec, although I’d be worried about his job security.

See Reza’s “Day Jobs” series of business cards after the jump.