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Fine Art Brought to Life in These Hilarious Animations

If you were horrified to see Miley Cyrus twerking on some fine art, perhaps you might have a different reaction to these hilarious Pythonesque animations created for an Australian comedy sketch show, The Elegant Gentleman’s guide to Knife Fighting.

Animators Doug Bayne, Ben Baker, and Trudy Cooper gathered together a set of famous painting and then brought the characters to life. The odd couple in Grant Wood’s American Gothic have an uncomfortable conversation about poor sexual performance, while the duel between Onegin and Lenksy takes a comical turn. We’re given a whole new take on “cross training” and there’s a wonderful medley of raspberries.

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Twerks of Art: Miley Cyrus Dances Dirty on Famous Paintings

The MTV Video Music Awards must have felt like a bad acid trip to some people. Miley Cyrus twerked with teddy bears, gyrated against Robin Thicke’s crotch, and even pretended to pleasure herself with a giant foam glove. You can’t unsee this kind of stuff, but if you missed it click here to watch the hyper-sexual performance.

GIFs of the lewd display were promptly dispatched far and wide on the Internet and it didn’t take very long before Jen Lewis over at BuzzFeed decided it was a good idea to insert Miley Cyrus into a bunch of famous paintings. Georges Seurat’s Sunday afternoon is forever ruined, Edvard Munch’s man now has a reason to scream, and this was not the dinner theatre that Jesus had in mind. Have a look at the twerks of art after the jump.


The Cake is a Pie: Pie-Packed Art by Quasimondo

Can the humble pie chart seen as art? We are certainly aware of its informational qualities but computational guru Mario Klingemann shows us the lesser-known arty pie chart. He analyzes the different colors in famous pieces by Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, and Michelangelo and recreates the artwork using the data from the analysis. He calls the technique “pie-packing”.

See some of his pie-packed visualizations after the jump.

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Simpsonized – Famous Art Gets Redrawn

User Meowza Katz drew a whole gallery of images created in Aviary’s Phoenix (a web-based image editor), showing what famous works of art would look like had they been created by Matt Groening.

More images after the jump.