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Fear of Flying

Dougal has nightmares that he is falling through the sky uncontrollably. Dougal is a bird.

With winter fast approaching, Lucy and Dick make ready to flock off to warmer climates but Dougal heads to the grocers and stocks up on rations. The house-bound Dougal sits in the biting cold, watching horrible re-runs, until one night when he is scared into action. Does Dougal overcome his Fear of Flying and make it to the sunny south? Find out below.

This endearing live-action short film was created by Conor Finnegan from Dublin, Ireland.

[via This Fox is Black]

Animal Kingdom Arty Featured Photoworthy

Dogs in Cars

When British photographer Martin Usborne was a child, he was left alone in a car. Although it wasn’t for very long, the experience clearly stayed in his memory. In his photo series, Dogs in Cars, Usborne explores those childhood feelings of fear and loneliness.

Usborne didn’t happen to find and photograph dogs stuck in cars. These aren’t incidental images, the scene was set up and the dogs were placed in the cars. Like children, it’s easy to see the look of vulnerability on the faces of the dogs. See a few of the photos from Usborne’s Dogs in Cars after the jump.

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Dix: A Short Film on Obsessive Compulsive Walking

Coming out the 36th Computer Animation Festival (SIGGRAPH 2009), a short film by the name of Dix was named as the Jury Award winner. Dix is a harrowing short film that explores the psychological state of Marc, an obsessive-compulsive who counts to ten as he steps onto paving stones. Marc relies heavily on the paving stones to get about – if he strays off the path, the consequences are dire to say the least.

Marc seeks help from Monsieur X to get over his phobia. See it below or watch it in HD at YouTube. Be warned, the film contains graphic scenes that may disturb sensitive viewers.

Dix was directed by a collective known as Bif.

[via The Inspiration Room via Danneville]