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Ice Cube’s “Good Day” in Pictures

Some say that a good day is any day that you’re alive, but rapper Ice Cube was a little more specific on the matter in 1993. In this hour-by-hour illustration, digital artist Fernando Reza visualises that glorious day in south central Los Angeles when Ice Cube had a pork-free breakfast, won at dominoes, got complimented on his sexual prowess. That day he didn’t even have to use his AK. Check out the illustration and listen along to the song after the jump.

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Day Jobs: Fantastically Fictional Business Cards

I used to have business cards until the austerity measures hit. But if I ever were to get them again, I’d certainly like designer Fernando Reza to design mine. In a similar vein to Mikko Vartio’s mock websites, Reza creates fantastic business cards for employees of fictional businesses from popular movies, TV series, and video games. There are business cards for the discerning guy selling Quentin Tarantino’s preferred brand of cigarettes, a memory retrieval expert from Massive Dynamic, and even one for a Dharma Initiative account exec, although I’d be worried about his job security.

See Reza’s “Day Jobs” series of business cards after the jump.