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The Most Surreal Ice Fishing Video You Will Ever See!

Meanwhile, in Finland. Strange things are going on under the waters of lake Saarijärvi. Two fishermen are involved in the most surreal bit of fishing that I have ever seen. Check out Fishing Under Ice below.

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Science & Technology

Google’s New Data Centre is Cool

Internet search giant Google has opened a new, cool data centre in Hamina, Finland. The site used to be a paper mill, but in 2009, Google purchased the 60-year-old pulp factory with a mind to construct a data centre that would significantly reduce its impact on the environment. Data centre servers are usually kept cool by blasting cold air at them, an inefficient process that requires vast amounts of power. Last year Google is reported to have used 2.26 terawatt hours of electricity, the same amount of electricity that would be used by 200,000 average American homes.

At the Hamina data centre, Google has used a renewable resource at the heart of its cooling system — seawater. There was existing seawater intake tunnel underneath the paper mill, and it was repurposed to provide cooling to massive banks of servers. The new water-to-water exchange system pumps in frigid water from the Gulf of Finland through the intake, and it travels through a myriad of pipes in the data centre to cool the components. That water is then piped to another building, where it is mixed with an incoming stream of sea water, so it is cooled before it is returned to the Gulf of Finland.

This new power-efficient data centre cost €200 million to build. Take a quick look into the inner workings.

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Music Video Clips

Finnish Band Sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Rusty Car

For reasons unknown to us, Finnish band Porkka Playboys decided to cover Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the comfort of a motor vehicle. The four-man group bundled themselves and their equipment into a rusty old Volkswagen Polo and proceeded to bang out the tune. It’s surprisingly good, have a listen to it below.

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Awesomeness Cautionary Tales

Simo Hayha, The White Death

Do you have a nickname? I’ve had a fair share of embarrassing ones (my middle name is bad enough – thanks ever so much, mom & dad.) and it’s generally disastrous to one’s street cred to have such nicknames divulged.

However, there are some people whose actions – be they good or bad – have earned themselves a reputation, and supremely awesome nicknames to match. One of those people is Simo Häyhä, or known more notoriously as the White Death.

Häyhä, a Finnish farmer and hunter by trade, started this military career in 1925, at the age of 20. It was during the Winter War (1939–1940), when Finland was being invaded by the Soviet Union that he shot to fame. Armed with a standard bolt action rifle and dressed completely in white camouflage, Häyhä ventured out into the bitter cold, and amassed what is the highest recorded number of confirmed kills in any major war. Over 100 days, the sniper extinguished 505 Soviet soldiers with his rifle and reportedly offed a further 200 of them with a submachine gun, bringing the body count to a staggering 705! Isn’t that just mind-blowing?

The frustrated Soviets sent out counter snipers and even an artillery strike, but the attempts failed to down the now infamous, White Death. Häyhä’s career came to an end in 1940 when he was shot in the jaw – he survived, but the injury blew off bits of his face and crushed his jaw. When asked whether he felt bad about his actions, he said, “I did what I was told to as well as I could.” The White Death passed away in 2002.

Read more about the White Death on Wikipedia and check out Listverse’s article on the top 10 well deserved nicknames.

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