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ChronoCon: First Light

Pentalunex Team built a custom dolly rig, the ChronoCon, and shuffled over to Greece to shoot an time-lapse video that has, depending on your tastes, been improved/ruined from some HDR processing. Another misstep perhaps is the musical accompaniment, the severely over-used “Intro” by The XX.

[via The Awesomer]

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Spectacular Solar Images and Videos

On February 11th, NASA launched the the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a spacecraft designed to study our sun. It’s on a five-year mission gathering data that will aid scientists to better understand how solar activity affects our climate and our lives. The highly advanced SDO is said to take images that are 10 times better than current HD TVs and will be sending back a whopping 1.5 terabytes of data back to Earth each and every each day!

The solar-observing spacecraft has been beaming back early images and videos and they look quite amazing. Have a look for yourself, after the jump.