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Rooftopping: Acrophobics Need Not Apply

It’s a “thrill-seeking photography craze” as described by the Mail Online. This craze is called rooftopping and you’ll be relieved to know that it’s not just another word for planking that just so happens to be done on rooftops.

Rooftopping has photographers around the world taking photos from the dizzying heights of tall buildings any skyscrapers. The more daring photos usually show the feet of the photographer as they dangle precariously from the edge of the building. Have a look at some vertigo-inducing rooftopping photos after the jump.


Your Tweets and Photos as Beautiful Heat Maps

Photographer Eric Fischer has a fascination for cartography. In this latest See something or say something series of maps, Fischer investigates the spread of Twitter and Flick across the globe. He makes uses of geotag information to show the locations where Flickr photos were taken, these are the red dots. The blue dots show the location of tweets and the white dots indicate that both Flickr photos and tweets were found at that location.

Have a look Fischer’s beautiful data visualizations after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Photoworthy

Breathtaking High-Speed Photography

You may have seen an earlier post on Alan Sailer, an American photographer who likes to shoot things. In his dark room, Sailer’s custom-built flash rig captures the split-second moment when a bullet makes contact with various everyday items. In his newer experiments, Sailer has taken to capturing the impact of everyday items on other everyday items and they’re equally as breathtaking. Have a look at the artier side of destruction after the jump.

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Minimalist Video Game Posters

TyrannicalDuck, Macross, Cloud_Ratha and I are from different walks of life. T-Duck won’t let a drop of alcohol touch his lips and I’m overly enamoured with bacon. Macross is in lust with his new plasma TV and Cloud_Ratha is, well, from Durban. If there is one thing we have in common, aside from being bipeds, it’s the love of gaming. It’s a passion shared by thousands of like-minded gamers across the world…I was going somewhere with this wasn’t I? Oh yes, it ties in with another fondness of ours – that of minimal poster design. It’s become quite a trend recently and even though we’ve seen a good selection of bare-bones movie and TV posters, it seems none of that love has been directed at gaming. Perhaps we haven’t been looking out for it but our Googlefu is strong tonight.

Boris Lechaftois, a freelance web designer from Toulouse, France tries his hand at boiling down the essence of some popular games and graphic designer Boss Logic from Melbourne, Australia applies his talents to simplifying some characters from Street Fighter.

We’ve compiled a selection of their minimalist posters after the jump. Have a look.

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More Minimalist Movie Posters

Remember the guy who cut a sheet of glass under water with a pair of scissors? That happened yesterday, except it was the glass that cut me. A large bit of my epidermis got sliced off my left hand and left me a lesser man. At least that’s the excuse I’ve used to get out of any chores around the house. Don’t tell anyone.

None of my injuries have anything to do with what this post is about, but sometimes that’s how I roll. Minimalist movie posters are all the rage these days, and in this post we take a look at re-imagined classics, alternative posters for super hero films, and horror flicks penned by Stephen King. See our selection after the jump.


Remember This Name

Remember this name for you shall be screaming it later. Wait, what? Never mind, moving swiftly on…

Kicked off by Adam Fuhrer of PICDIT, “Remember This Name” is a project on Flickr where users can submit their best photos into a group pool. Every so often Adam chooses the most interesting ones, prints them off, and creates a booklet. If you happen to be selected, you’ll receive a free copy of the issue that you are featured in.

If you’re interested, submit your photos to the REMEMBER THIS NAME Flickr pool.

[via Design You Trust | Image credit: Luminous Lu]


Invading The Vintage

The hills are alive with the sound of music extraterrestrials. Franco Brambilla, an Italian sci-fi artist, has created a series of vintage postcards where cute aliens are invading your grandpa’s postcards.

See more at Brambilla’s Invading The Vintage Flickr set.

[via BoingBoing]


I Draw On Coffee Cups

Not me obviously. I’d be lucky if I can pee into a coffee cup without making a mess. Flickr user Boy Obsolete, however, has much better motor control and using a Sharpie pen, draws very amazing things on Styrofoam coffee cups.

Have a look at some of his creations.

See many more at Boy Obsolete’s flickr set, Coffee Cups.

[via Neatorama]

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High Speed Bullet Photography Makes a Colourful Mess

Spotting a speeding bullet with your naked eye is almost impossible, and normal photographic flash units can’t truly capture the impact that a bullet makes after hitting an object. Flickr user alan_sailer knows a thing or two about high speed photography – not only does his super-duper flash unit produces a flash of light around a microsecond (a millionth of a second) but his setup also uses an automatic trigger mechanism.

His photographs are taken in darkness, and as the bullet passes through a laser beam, the flash is triggered, and the image is captured. Here’s a small gallery of this shots:

See more of alan_sailer’s photography on Flickr.

[via futurebackwards on Twitter]

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Okinawa Soba and his Photos from Old Japan

I could easily spend many hours looking through the photostream of Flickr user Okinawa Soba. He has posted hundreds of interesting photos of the 19th and early 20th century life in Japan, China, America, and Africa.  His comments are pretty insightful as well.

Here are three I quickly picked out from old Japan – click to embiggen.

Taken from his SWIMSUIT GIRLS of OLD JAPAN set, this photo is of the popular geisha, Miss Koman.

In 1904, out of thousands of Geisha in the Tokyo area, she was considered by Japanese writer and poet YONE NOGUCHI to be one of the top five in popularity, commanding top price to entertain you, and having legions of adoring fans who could only hope to catch a glimpse of her.

From his PROSTITUTES of Old Japan set, this circa 1890-1900 image shows caged prostitutes and a prospective customer. If the customer finds a prostitute he is interested in, he will light his pipe and pass it through the bars to her. She takes a puff as a sign of acceptance and passes the pipe back through the bars to seal the deal.

Lifted of his SAMURAI, SWORDS, and ARMOR set, this image shows three samurai posing, and yes the one in the middle has a tail. Why? Perhaps he is gay. Apparently the real Samurai held GAY LOVE in high esteem, and encouraged it saying it was considered beneficial for the youth, teaching him virtue, honesty, and the appreciation of beauty.

……..Shudō is the Japanese tradition of age-structured homosexuality prevalent in samurai society from the medieval period until the end of the 19th century. The word is an abbreviation of wakashudō (若衆道), “the way of the young” or more precisely, “the way of young (若 waka) men (衆 shū)”. The “dō” (道) is related to the Chinese word tao, considered to be a structured discipline and body of knowledge, as well as a path to awakening.

See many, many more photos on Okinawa Soba photostream.