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We Review: Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Right in time for the release of the new Jurassic Park film, we have a non-Jurassic Park game to review. But it still features dinosaurs. It’s like what would happen if you combined Pokemon with dinosaurs. Except the dinosaurs are called vivosaurs for no discernable reason. Sounds fascinating? Hop into the Bone Buggy and let’s go for a ride down to the corner of Archaeology Lane and Catch-em-all Avenue.

Arty Cautionary Tales

Ab Antiquo: Modern Fossils by Christopher Locke

Christopher Locke’s “Heartless Machine” modern fossils look like pieces excavated from an archaeological dig. Instead of dinosaur bones, they are fossils of gadgets made from archaic technology that was once cutting-edge.

From the humble cassette tape (Asportatio acroamatis) to the Playstation 2 controller (Ludustatarium temperosony), each “species” of modern fossil even has a Latin name.

More on the modern fossils at Heartless Machine – via Neatorama.